Q. Why did you decide to have a web site like this?
A. In all honesty, it makes me so fucking horny knowing that someone I don’t even know is getting off while they're watching me do the same. When I am doing a live cam show my orgasms are so intense because I can actually feel people watching me. And yes I said orgasms, I can have multiple orgasms when I’m masturbating, having sex, or when my pussy is being eaten. I guess I’m just a sensitive girl - lol.

Q. I’m sure you get a lot of e-mail from your members. Do you actually respond to email that members send you or do you have someone else respond for you?
A. Yes, I will always respond personally to your email. I also limit the number of members that I allow to join the site, that way I'm able to keep the site manageable and I can always give my members the attention they deserve.

Q. Do you really do photo shoots requested by your members and post them to the site?
A. Of course! I have a pretty creative imagination but it's nothing compared to some of you guys. Like I said earlier some of my very best photos galleries are a result of requests made by my members.

Q. Do I actually get to see and chat with you on your live web cam for free?
A. Yes you do! The live cam shows that I do are so awesome because not only do you get to see and chat with me live but you also get to see hundreds of other girls live too! That way you can mix it up a bit! Don't worry I'm not the jealous type, I don’t mind if you play with the other girls too - lol.

Q. What is your favorite sexual position?
A. My favorite position would have to be the famous “doggie” style. It allows me to take that cock deep and hard from behind while I suck on another hard dick or bury my face in a sweet juicy pussy - mmmmmmmmmmm!

Q. Do you have a day job?
A. Yes I do have a “real” job. I have a boring professional office job that pays my bills. I’m sure if anyone at work ever found out about my site I'd be fired so fucking fast. It's actually pretty funny but sometimes when I'm at work talking to my boss, I’m thinking to myself, if he only knew that when I get home tonight I'll be doing a live cam show where I'm sucking off two guys while my pussy is pounded by a hot girl with a strap-on. The poor guy has no clue :- )~

Q. Are you single?
A. Hmmmm, I guess that really depends on your definition of "single"? I recently married an incredible guy, his name is Jake and we have an unbelievable relationship that allows us the best of both worlds. We are more like best friends than anything else. We both believe that love and sex are totally separate and distinct from each other. We love each other very intensely however, that doesn't prohibit us from really getting into watching each other fucking the hell out of someone else.

Q. Did you design your web site yourself or did you have a professional design it?
A. I created my site myself with some help from Jake. It has definitely been quite a learning experience but it has also been a lot of fun to do. I'm learning new stuff everyday in order to make my site even better for my members.

Q. Who takes the pictures and video of you?
A. Jake pretty much takes most the pictures and video, except for when I jump behind the camera on occasion to take photos of him fucking the hell out of one of my hot girlfriends. We are always on the lookout for open minded guys or gals to run the camera for us while we play (or possibly even join us). You don’t have to be a professional photographer or anything, you just have to be talented enough to be extremely horny and keep the camera steady at the same time - lol. It gets kinda hard for Jake to get really great shots sometimes when he's trying to fuck me and run the camera at the same time.

Kisses, Allie


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