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My private journal is where I keep my members informed of my daily thoughts and activities. It also allows my members to respond and make comments to my journal entries. I have it set up so that my members can see comments made by each other. It's just as much a forum for my members to communicate with me and with each other as it is for me to communicate with them. I keep my journal up to date and my entries in it range from mild to wild. One day my journal entry may be as mundane as my trip to the grocery story or how bored I was at work that day. The next day you may find me recounting in vivid detail how I was getting my pussy pounded doggy style by a nice thick cock while I had my face buried in the sweetest tasting pussy. Sorry guys but only my members have full access to my private journal.

If you're interested in what my members think of my site you can have a look below at some of the comments my members have posted to my private journal.

~ Kisses, Allie

I just wanted to say thanks so much for doing the schoolgirl photos I asked for. I've
been looking at them all week - actually a little more than just "looking" if you know what I mean? I hope you don't mind. I've always had a schoolgirl fetish for as long as I can remember and seeing you dressed up as a schoolgirl riding that huge dildo has really
been a fantasy fulfilled for me, you're the greatest! Make sure you let me now if you're ever in the area, I would really love to meet you sometime.


My wife and I have really been enjoying your latest updates to the site. It's amazing how we've opened up to each other sexually since we joined your site. We have even begun
to explore the possibility of getting together with another couple to swap partners.
We've never tried it before but we went ahead and placed a personals ad on the
swingers site you suggested and some of the responses we've been getting seem to
have potential. We'll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes. Keep up the great
work sweetie.


All I have to say is: WOW!!! I'm at work right now but I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying how incredible you were on your live show last night. You helped me get off
3 times! I have never came that many times in a one hour period before. You have got to be the most sexual woman I've ever known. I can't wait to get home and get ready for your show tonight. See you later girl.


It's so great to see another woman who isn't shy about expressing her sexuality. It's a shame that even in this day and age our society still judges women like us who are
aggressive about ensuring their sexual desires and curiosities are satisfied. I just love
your site, especially your live cam shows. You are a real inspiration for me, I'm actually considering doing my own web site now too. I'd really love to send you some of my personal photos to put up on your site if you'd like too. Thanks so much for not being afraid to be you.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Allie, I just got the panties you sent me and they
smell wonderful. It's like having a little scent of you here. And the photo of you wearing them is really the icing on the cake for me. Thanks again, gotta run now! I'm going to
look at your new photo gallery while I can still smell you on your panties. I just wanted
to say thanks a million Allie!



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