So how many of you get into watching your wife masturbate? Jake says watching me fuck myself is one of his biggest turn ons and he’s always asking me to put on a little show for him. And by always I mean like at least once a day. Most of the time it’s kinda like foreplay and leads to us fucking but occasionally he’ll say he just wants to watch. Hey, I’m game for anything that gives me an orgasm whether it’s self induced or not! And as you all know I’m really into being watched so that only adds to the experience.

The other night I decided to turn the tables on him. Instead of Jake saying he just wanted to watch, I would be the one to tell him he was only going to watch, whether he liked it or not. This was a bit of a departure from our normal routine but as they say, “variety is the spice of life.” I got all dressed up in a sexy outfit and proceeded to tease the hell out of him.

After launching into a full on strip tease I eventually climbed up onto the dining room table to get myself off. At that point he started to get undressed but I firmly said, “Keep your pants on! Tonight I’m going to fuck myself to multiple orgasms and you’re only allowed to watch so just sit back and enjoy the show!” I couldn’t tell if he was more disappointed by the realization that he wasn’t going to be getting any pussy or more excited that he was about to be getting one hell of a show.

After getting myself off several times I was even hornier than when I started and I really needed some cock in order to be completely satisfied. I looked over at Jake and said, “I’m ready for you now!” He replied with, “But you said I could only watch tonight, I really think we should stick to the deal.” To which I said, “Yeah right, now get the hell over here and.....Story continued in my member's area where you can see all 70 pictures from this photo set!


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