I was getting ready to take a shower a couple of weeks ago when I saw that Jake had come home from a business lunch and just thrown his clothes across the bed. I went to pick-up after him as usual but just as I was about to toss his shirt into the hamper I could have sworn I smelled the faint scent of a woman’s perfume and it wasn’t mine. Earlier in the day he had lunch with a sales rep from a company he works with from time to time. Her name is Courtney and she’s a gorgeous 23 year-old blonde who has the most beautiful greenish blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Oh yeah, did I mention she also has a great set of knockers and a tight little ass?

I only met her one time shortly after Jake began doing business with the company she works for. After their first meeting he came home and told me how much he wanted to fuck this new sales rep so the next time they met I went along just to check her out. Wow, she was every bit as stunning as Jake had described! When we got home later that day Jake asked if he could add her to his “pre-approved” list. That’s the little list we have where we’ve agreed that if the opportunity ever presents itself we have a free pass to fuck anyone on the list without the other person being there as long as we share all the lewd details after the fact.

Of course I was cool with Jake adding Courtney to his list and I even told him I was adding her to mine as well. Anyway, as I picked up his shirt the scent became even stronger and I began to wonder if Jake had crossed off another girl from his list. I started to get a little horny thinking that Jake may have just fucked Courtney only a few hours ago. Then I noticed lipstick smeared across the collar of his shirt. Again, it wasn’t mine! My mind began to race and my pussy began to moisten as I imagined Jake ramming his cock in and out of Courtney’s tight little fuck hole. My need to masturbate was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even manage to make it to the night stand drawer to grab a dildo.

I just threw myself onto the bed and began finger fucking myself with visions of Jake’s encounter with Courtney. I fucked myself to at least three orgasms before I finally called Jake into the bedroom to ask him why the hell there was lipstick on his shirt. He just smiled and said, “We’ll tell you all about it tonight, Courtney will be here at 9:00 and she’s looking forward to a threesome!” You gotta love a man who......Story continued in my member's area where you can see all 65 pictures from this photo set!


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