Does it get any better than this? These pics are from another one of my adventures this summer. I went to a party where, as you can see, a bunch of the gals ended up butt naked in the jacuzzi. I really had a great time squeezing into the jacuzzi with all those hotties.

Things started heating up right away, and I'm not talking about the water temperature either. We ended up having a little girls only party right there in the middle of everything. Trust me, I didn't hear any of the guys complaining. A lot of them actually broke out their cameras to capture the moment.

I don't have a really long story to go along with these pics. It was basically me and a bunch of my girlfriends enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon together. When things got too hot for us in the jacuzzi we all moved to the pool to cool off. That's when the real fun started.I've got to get those pics from one of my girlfriends since the battery on Jake's camera died before we made it to the pool. I'll get those pics up for you just as soon as I can get them.

Oh, just so you know everyone's name, here they are from left to right in the above pic........Story continued in my member's area where you can see all 40 pictures from this photo set!


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