Jake and I were hanging out with one of my more conservative girlfriends the other day when the conversation turned a little naughty. Somehow we got on the subject of our ultimate sexual fantasies when Danielle said hers was to watch two people fucking in real life. This was quite a shocker to Jake and I because she’s not a swinger and has never even struck us as being very adventurous when it came to sex. In fact, we’ve always considered her to be a bit of a prude.

Yes, believe it or not but I do actually have a few friends who aren’t complete sex freaks like me. Anyway, as soon as Danielle blurted out her fantasy Jake and I shot each other a glance and we both knew exactly what the other was thinking. Without hesitation, I looked her right in the eye and said, “Well, we can make that fantasy come true right here and now if you like!”

She giggled and got a little nervous when confronted with the possibility of actually going through with it but in the end she just couldn’t resist and said, “Yeah, that would be hot!” That’s when Jake ran upstairs and grabbed the camera. When he returned he handed it to Danielle and said, “As long as you’ll be watching you may as well take some pictures so you’ll have a souvenir from the occasion.”

Danielle began snapping away as Jake and I got busy! At one point I looked up to see her holding the camera with her left hand as she slid her right hand down the front of her pants and began diddling herself. I haven’t been able to get her into bed yet but I think she’s almost there. If I manage to seduce her you can bet I’ll be sure to capture the moment on camera. Wish me luck and in the meantime I hope you enjoy these pics. Oh yeah, thank you to Danielle for being such a.....Story continued in my member's area where you can see all 60 pictures from this photo set!


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