Wanna see 10 hot swinger wives getting it on right smack in the middle of an afternoon lifestyle party? Well, that's exactly what happened here! It's a good thing the pool water was really cold that day because with all this warm naked flesh running around things were really starting to heat up!

When I initially climbed down the ladder into the pool I felt an electric tingle course throughout my entire body as the warmth of my throbbing pussy lips met the refreshingly cool water. That sensation alone would have been enough to make my entire day but it was only the beginning of an incredible all girl orgy with dozens of casual on lookers.

Having all those people watching us only acted to heighten the entire experience for me. Before I forget, I want to say a very special thanks to my girlfriend Anna for sending me these photos and thanks to her husband for taking them. If you recall from some previous photos I've posted, this whole pussy eating affair started out in the Jacuzzi.

Some of the boyfriends and husbands at the party grabbed their cameras and began taking pictures of all the girls getting it on. Remember, I posted those pics a while back. Well, when things got too hot for us in the Jacuzzi we moved to the pool. That's about the same time Jake said the batteries on his camera went dead.

To tell you the truth, I think he made it up because he really wanted to just sit back and enjoy the show. Anyway, I finally got these pics from my girlfriend and I'm really excited to put them up for everyone to see. In fact, I got more than a little worked-up myself getting these pics ready for you.

It had been a little while since these photos were taken and it was my first time seeing them so it was almost like reliving the entire experience for a second time. Anyway, after moving over to the pool and cooling off for a bit it sure didn't take us long to get things heated up all over again!

I guess that's what happens when you take 10 naked housewives and throw them all into a pool together. All the making out, finger fucking, pussy sucking and clit licking produced at least a dozen mind blowing orgasms. I know there were that many because I heard every last one of them.

All the moaning and shrieking coming from that pool would have been enough to get just about anyone off. As I glanced around the deck I could see that our little display had really gotten to some of the couples there. This one guy had his wife (I think it was his wife) bent over a lounge chair and he was fucking the living hell out of her. That girl was screaming louder than any of us in the pool.

Anyway that was only a momentary distraction, it certainly didn't take anything away from the fact that I had this sexy blonde babe with her face firmly planted between my legs giving my pussy a real workout. It was only later that evening when we got together for an encore that I found out her name was Lynae. Damn, that girl really knew how to give good head!

As Lynae was sucking on my clit I heard Angelique screaming like she just won the fucking lottery or something. When I looked over to my left to see what the hell was going on I saw that Jean was the source of her excitement. Yup, I think she helped Angelique win the "orgasm lottery" for sure!

With all this added external stimulation it sure didn't take me long to come all over Lynae's face. Now I wanted to get a taste of some sweet girl juice for myself! We all switched things up a bit and the "pussy eaters" became the "pussy eatees". There was certainly plenty of muff for everyone at this seafood buffet.

As you can see we took a quick break from the action to line-up and pose for the camera. This will surely be a souvenir photo that I'll have to add to my scrapbook. Well, that's what goes on at a swinger party. A lot of fucking, sucking and of course cumming. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did. Wow, these pics really have me dreaming of summer! I can't wait for........Story continued in my member's area where you can see all 55 pictures from this photo set!


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