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The narrative alone had me cumming!
7th September 2021 12:37am
let me know never? that's kind of mean allie
28th March 2018 11:48pm
I'm sorry but as you see I said "I'll let you never....". Obviously "know" was supposed to be in place of "never". I'm usually good at proof reading my responses but I missed that. I apologize. I'm never mean. Wink
29th March 2018 12:55pm
But now I cant let my hubby get you off the hook just like that now can we, it wont be fair

i believe some discipline is in order allie, we're gonna have to make some reparations ;)
30th March 2018 2:48pm
Sorry but your cameraman explanation is bogus. The scene opens with the four of you outside and the camera moves in on you. Not complaining, but at least be honest with us. It's fine if you have a designated cameraman.
28th October 2017 10:12pm
Hi Andy,
Please re-read the story as you must be confused. I never mention a cameraman so I'm not sure why you're implying I was dishonest with you.
~Kisses, Allie
30th October 2017 3:41pm
I'd have to say it's another mind blowing video....but it'd be hard for me sharing allie if I were jake.just sayin... Lol Dang she's a doll.
20th April 2016 1:38pm
Hi Cbubbles,
Awwww thank you! Jake doesn't mind sharing especially when he's busy with a hottie himself. haha.
~Kisses, Allie ❤️
20th April 2016 4:26pm
Who had the misfortune of holding the camera? I've always wondered
30th April 2016 5:55am
We didn't have a designated camera man. It was a tripod and us. lol. We are talented aren't we??!
2nd May 2016 4:05pm
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