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Oh could I convince my gf I'm going to Colorado to see my dad ALONE!!lol i love hiking it's so fun and relaxing....then throw allie into all that Oh damn. I can already picture myself taking a detour of the trail within a couple minutes. Lol I'd have to bring my knee pads from work.....rough doggiestyle in the woods would kill my knees. Lol yes you could use them too. i cant help myself now...if my bosses truck isn't out front by the office anymore I'm gonna have ... Read More
25th April 2016 2:05pm
You need to be careful at work. You're gonna get busted while you're busting a nut! Laugh
26th April 2016 3:33pm
HAHA omg no i lock the apartment door and the bathroom door so its safe. Smile
26th April 2016 6:09pm
At least you know how to secure your area! Good work! Wink
27th April 2016 12:35pm
I can only imagine how good that perfect little pu$$y feels and those two amazing tits to lick and suck....i just wanna lick you from head to toe.
24th April 2016 1:58pm
Hi CBubbles, Outdoor sex is the best! I'm always looking for hiking buddies! Wink
25th April 2016 1:12pm

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