Allow me to introduce my girlfriend Julie. Not only is she fucking hot as hell, she also has the sweetest tasting pussy and an incredibly talented tongue. Let me just say from the start that Julie knew exactly how to satisfy every single inch of my body with that tongue of hers!

My pussy started to tingle the very moment I laid eyes on her beautiful body. I just couldn't wait to get this little nymph out of her sexy lingerie so that I could see what she had waiting for me under her panties. As you can see we didn't waste any.....time getting right down to business.

Julie gently pulled my bra straps down and released the clasp in the back allowing it to fall to the floor. I knew I wanted her naked too so I slowly pulled her lacy top over her head and WOW, she had the most beautiful tits. I just had to reach out and caress those mounds of pleasure.

Julie was eager to get things rolling and she began by licking my already erect nipples. She started to move her head lower, toward my quivering pussy. I was so horny, all I could think of was what it was going to be like having her tongue thrusting in and out of my wet hole. I swear she licked me everywhere but my pussy and her teasing was making me want her even more.

For the next twenty minutes we continued to explore each other's bodies as if it were the first time we'd seen another woman naked. Trust me though, it was obvious that it wasn't Julie's first time, lol.

We made it to the couch where Julie started kissing me passionately as only another woman knows how. Her lips were so soft and yummy, I really could have laid there just kissing her all night.

Ahhhh, Julie's expert tongue had finally found its way to my pussy lips. This was the moment I'd been waiting for ever since I had first laid my eyes on this beauty! Even though it felt incredible I think she was teasing me a bit with a little flick of her tongue here and there. It was as if she was trying to get me hotter and wetter without actually bringing me to climax. Yes, she was teasing me!

I couldn’t take it anymore, I just had to taste her pussy right then and there. She laid back on the couch and spread her legs wide for me as I pushed my tongue deep into her tight pussy.

Julie's pussy was truly the sweetest I'd ever tasted. I could have ate this girl all night long but she had something else in mind. She pulled me up onto the couch in a position that allowed us both access to the other's clit as we slowly grinded our pussies together.

We continued to masturbate each other like that for quite a while. It felt so great to have another woman rubbing me down there. Apparently Julie decided that she hadn't yet had enough of my titties so she moved her head up to my chest and licked and sucked my nipples even more, mmmm!

I wanted to return the favor so I laid Julie down and began to lick her titties. After this extended period of foreplay I finally told Julie that I really needed to cum before I exploded. She laughed and said, "I think I can arrange that." She then dropped to knees and buried her face in my pussy. Yes!

She kept thrusting her tongue in and out of me faster and faster. Occasionally she would pull her head back suck on my swollen pussy lips. Then she did the most incredible thing, she was sucking on my clit as she flicked it over and over again with her tongue. I started bucking my hips against her face uncontrollably as my body shuddered in orgasm.

I hadn't even fully recovered from my first orgasm when Julie whipped out a tiny little vibrator and started rubbing it back and forth across my cum covered clit. I could feel my body tensing up as I began to cum all over again.

Right in the middle of cumming she started to lick, suck, and tug on on my pussy lips as she continued to stimulate my clit with her little toy.

The combination of her tongue on my pussy and the vibrator on my clit prolonged my orgasm for several minutes. It wasn't nearly as intense as the first one but I just kept cumming over and over again. It was like wave after wave of pleasure sweeping over my entire body.

Julie continued to massage my swollen clit with her vibrator while she licked my pussy clean.

Wow, she really knew how to please a woman. After cumming twice already I thought it would be nice to lay her down and give her pussy a good tongue lashing. Just as I was thinking that, Julie jumped up onto the couch and straddled my face as she positioned her wet pussy over my tongue.

I was really into eating her pussy but she just wouldn’t stop rubbing my clit with her vibrator. Then I felt it coming on! I was about to cum for the third time that night! Multiple orgasms are nothing new to me but that third orgasm was so fucking intense that I truly thought I was going to pass out. After that I pushed her back against the wall and told her relax and enjoy herself while I got her off!

I just buried my head between her legs and licked her until I felt her body begin to quiver. I looked up to see her face and all I could see was her beautiful breasts heaving up and down. I grabbed one and started to caress it while I continued to suck her clit. That's when I knew she was just about there. She arched her back and squeezed her breast as she rocked her hips back and forth against my face.

Julie made the most erotic facial expressions while she was cumming. I just kept looking up at her as she was squeezing her beautiful tits and grinning from ear to ear with each successive wave of her orgasm. It was so hot, I just kept sucking her clit until her moaning had subsided to a low growl of sheer pleasure and satisfaction. What a wonderful evening we shared together. Like I said from the start, Julie has the sweetest pussy and .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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