You probably recall the night I first met Kelli but I'll refresh your memory just in case you forgot. Our mutual girlfriend Julie had planned an all day shopping adventure for the three of us. Well, Kelli and I really hit it off and before the day was over we all ended up back at my place where we had the hottest all girl threesome ever! Now do you remember the photos? I thought you would! Anyway, I had so much fun with Kelli that I invited her to come over and play with me again the following night.

We agreed to wear black.....lingerie with stockings and high heels for our naughty little rendezvous. I nearly creamed my panties the moment she walked through the door. Kelli was wearing a long black trench coat and she allowed it to drop to the floor before she even crossed the threshold.

She stood there before me nearly naked, dressed only in the most beautiful black bra and panties with lace top thigh-high stockings and 6-inch stiletto heels. It was obvious that she was looking to get laid that night. We shared a deep passionate kiss before she pulled me over to the bed without even saying a word.

As you can see our sexy lingerie didn't stay on very long. I started by stripping Kelli out of her bra so that my lips would have full access to her ample bosoms and hardened nipples. I sucked on her beautiful titties as she began removing my bra. It didn't take her long to have my huge tits fully exposed and ready for some extra special oral affection.

After some more playful kissing and nibbling I decided it was time to get down to business so I went straight for the really good stuff. I slid her panties down around her ankles and then I pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. Kelly returned the favor by removing my thong and exposing my soaking wet pussy!

With the exception of our thigh-highs and high-heels, we were both completely naked within 10 minutes of Kelli entering the room. Women like her really turn me on because they don't fuck around with bullshit small talk. If they want to fuck you, then they get right to the point and say, "I really want to fuck you tonight!" or "I'd love to lick you till the sun comes up!"

That was exactly the attitude Kelli had when she came over that night! I mean fuck, the girl showed up at my door wearing nothing but lingerie under her trench coat. It was pretty obvious right from the beginning that there was going to be some serious pussy eating going on and it was going to get started rather quickly!

Speaking of which, after a bit more kissing and caressing Kelly said to me, "Stand up on the bed and spread your legs so that I can taste your pussy!" I told you she didn't fuck around! I did as she said and this girl proceeded to lick me like I'd never been licked before. At one point she had her tongue so far up my cunt that I swore she was within an inch of my g-spot!

The entire time I was getting this royal treatment from Kelli's talented tongue all I could think about was getting a taste of her. I really don't know what turns me on more, having my pussy eaten by another woman or being the one doing the eating! I guess it doesn't really matter since I usually end up having it both ways whenever I hook up with a hottie like Kelli.

Kelli is the most limber woman I've ever had the pleasure of licking! This little slut was standing on one leg while she had the other raised over her head and firmly planted on the ceiling. I took full advantage of her flexibility and dove right in to lap away at her sweet pussy! Mmmmmmmm, it seemed to taste even better than it did the night before!

I was really getting into sucking her cunt when she jumped off the bed and grabbed her trench coat. The coat was still lying on the floor in a crumpled heap where it had fallen off of her when she walked through the door. As she picked it up she looked over at me with an incredibly wicked grin and said, "Now that we're all warmed up I think it's time for the real fun to begin!" She proceeded to pull this huge fucking double ended dildo from inside her coat.

I swear this thing must have been at least 30 inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist. She looked me right in the eye and with the most seductive tone said, "I want you to fuck me hard with this thing, I mean really fucking hard!" Who am I to deny a woman in need of a good hard fucking.

I had barely even gotten it out of her hands and she had already positioned herself with her gapping cunt in the air waiting to be penetrated by this huge plastic cock. I thrust the thick dildo into her pussy and rhythmically plunged it in and out of her hole. I was getting so fucking worked up that I really needed to feel this dick inside me too. I stood over the top of Kelli and straddled her as I inserted the other end deep inside me. Ohhhhh yes, it felt so good as it slid past my pussy lips!

I continued riding that huge cock as long as I possibly could. I was about to cum but my thighs just couldn't hold out any longer. I laid on the bed positioning myself with my cunt facing Kelli's. We both spread our legs wide to receive the full length of our new toy. Kelli grabbed the stiff prick and began working it back and forth, in and out of our soaking wet fuck holes!

I knew by the way she was moaning that she was about to cum at any minute! I was already pretty close too and seeing her about to get off pushed me even closer. Kelli grabbed the bedspread tightly and started thrusting her ass back into mine. She began to scream as she dug her nails into my ankles. "Ohhhhh Allie, this feels so good, I'm going to cum!" Just as she was finishing the sentence I knew I was there too. "Fuck yeah Kelli, I'm cumming too! Oh god yes!", I exclaimed as I grabbed the dildo and thrust it in and out of our throbbing cunts!

We were both bucking our hips into each other trying to take as much of that cock as possible. We continued writhing against that plastic fuck pole until our orgasms had completely subsided. We must have laid there with our holes stuffed for at least another 30 minutes. Finally, Kelli pulled the implement of pleasure from inside us and we licked it clean. Next time we get together we'll be sure to invite Julie again! Hmmmm, that leaves me wondering if there's such a thing as a triple hea.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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