Jake and I made a lot of new friends at a recent swinger get together. We were hanging out with three other couples in the living room when the other three gals and I started getting naked and having a little fun with each other on the couch. Of course we couldn't be completely satisfied without getting some cock too so, we invited the boys to join in on the party.

As you'll notice, this seems to start right in the middle of all the action. Sorry, but the guy (Chase) that had been taking pics of us girls playing decided he.....needed to get some pussy too so he just tossed the camera aside and jumped in on the action. Don't be too upset though because the only thing you really miss are the guys getting undressed and jumping in on us. Luckily, an "innocent bystander" walked through the room and volunteered her services to document our naughty little orgy.

Jake must have been really horny from watching me eating a little pussy because he was a real fuck machine that day. He snatched me up off the couch and laid me on my back right in the middle of the living room floor where he proceeded to give my pussy one hell of a fucking. When I looked around the room I could see that all the guys had been pretty well fired-up from watching us girls playing together! Joel was giving Maryanne's pussy a real workout right next to Jake and I. Jean was sucking off her husband Wayne and Paige was blowing Chase. As you can see we were right in the middle of a full on orgy! Fuck yeah, that's what I like!

Perhaps the thing I enjoy most about group sex is being so close to so many naked bodies. I can always reach out and touch someone's naked flesh. Most of the time I can reach out and caress a wide variety of play things such as a pussy, cock, ass, or boobies. Hey, when you're right in the middle of an orgy there's a lot of things to play with. Anyway, Paige’s pussy was pretty much right in my face as Jake was pounding the hell out of my box and I just couldn't resist the urge to push several of my fingers deep inside and massage her g-spot.

Once I was sure I had gotten Paige off I decided to give Jake a break from his workout. We swapped places as I jumped on his cock and rode him like a cowgirl. I was bouncing up and down on his fuck pole as hard as I could. Each time I came down on him I made sure that his prick penetrated my pussy as deeply as possible. It didn't take me long at all to get off from riding Jake's cock. It was so incredibly stimulating to see and hear all the people around us moaning and fucking that I really wonder if I even needed any physical stimulation in order to get off that day.

I had barely finished cumming when Jake flipped me over and started fucking me from behind. I found myself looking down at Jean. Her lips looked so inviting that I had to give her a very long passionate kiss. As I was kissing her Paige and Maryanne each had one of her tits in their mouth's. She was really getting a good fucking from Paige's husband too. Let's just say that Jean definitely had the best seat in the house!

The fucking was getting more and more intense all around the room and I could tell that the guys were about ready to explode. It sure didn't take long at all for the cum to start flying. Chase was the first to bust his load all over Jean's stomach. Damn, I just love the sight of a stiff cock spewing cum all over a woman, even if it's not me.

I guess Jean's husband, Wayne wasn't about to be out done as he pulled out of Paige's wet hole and shot his load all over her back. Jean made sure none of his sticky stuff went to waste as she licked Paige's back clean. As Jean finished up her "meal", I could tell by the look on Jake's face that he was about to blow too!

Just as Jake began to shoot his load all over my stomach I noticed that Joel had begun to pump his goo all over Maryanne's back. Our boys were both coating us in cum at the same time. Now that was an extra special treat that I didn't expect. The final spurt of cum hadn't even left Jake's cock when Paige began to lick me clean. It was so unbelievably hot watching another woman lick my man’s entire load off of me.

She gobbled up all of Jake's cum so quickly that I hadn't even gotten a taste of it myself so I turned her around and gave her a very deep kiss so that I could taste Jake's sweet juice on her tongue. I definitely enjoyed myself that day and I know everyone else there did too! I really can’t wait until my next orgy! Next ti.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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