A member of my site, TittieFan, wanted to see some pics of me with my titties pressed against a glass shower door. I thought it was a great idea and it would also be a chance for me to show off my 34D tits. When I was ready for my shower this morning, I asked Jake to grab the camera so he could take a couple of pictures of my titties through the shower door.
I was in a playful mood so I actually had him take a lot of photos. I was a little horny so in some of the pictures you'll notice I slipped a few fingers in :-) I hope you like.....the pictures TittieFan! I saved the best pictures for last. It started out just like any other shower. I took off the towel that was covering my naked body and I couldn’t wait to feel the warm water splashing against my chest. I opened the shower door and reached in to turn the water on.

As I stood there butt naked waiting for the water to warm up I began feeling very naughty. I arched my back and pushed my ass out so that the camera could get a better view. Once the water warmed-up I jumped right in and stepped under the showerhead. The feeling of the water pulsating against my chest and tickling my sensitive nipples was really quite erotic.

I grabbed my loofah sponge and started lathering my body with soap. I was sure not to miss my ass because I always want it to feel nice and smooth when a guy grabs me from behind to fuck me doggie style. I was really starting to feel naughty so I leaned up against the shower wall and I ran my hands over my chest, across my nipples, and down to my pussy. I paused at my clit to give it a little extra attention. Now I was really getting horny and I knew that I had to get myself off before I finished this shower.

I placed a finger inside me as I caressed one of my titties and I continued finger fucking myself until the juices began to flow from my pussy. I moved back and forth between my pussy and my clit, ensuring that both received equal attention. The pleasure of masturbating was intensified by the warm streams of water hitting me all over my body. Of course one finger wasn't going to be enough for me so I slipped another inside. My tight little pussy started to quiver as I began to finger fuck myself harder and harder.

With the warm water rolling over my body, and two fingers deep inside my cunt, I started feeling that familiar tingling sensation shooting throughout my entire body as I began to cum. I threw my head back against the wall moaned with pure pleasure as my pussy was tightening all around my fingers and my orgasm began to peak. Finally, I felt the full force of my orgasm as wave after wave of pure ecstasy seemed to shoot from my tips of my toes to the top of my head over and over again. Wow, what a way to start out the day. I can never get enough of that feeling.

Now that I had taken care of my need to get off, it was time to finish my shower and get ready for work. I stood up so I could finish washing my now reinvigorated body. My hair was the last thing that needed to be washed so I turned around and let my head fall back into the water. When I was finished I decided to strike a few poses for the camera. As I closed the shower door and continued to pose for the camera, I pressed one boobie up against the door. The cool glass felt great against my erect nipple. In fact, it felt so good that I pressed both of my tits against the shower door to enjoy the sensation.

With both titties pressed against the shower door I kissed the glass. My shower was over so I opened the door feeling totally clean and refreshed in more ways than one. I grabbed my towel and dried off my soaking wet body. I had a really great time taking a shower with someone watching my every move. I hope you enjoyed taking.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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