My trip to Florida was definitely a blast but it seemed like I had been going non-stop the entire time we were there. We still had a few business related items to take care of before we checked-out of the hotel, but since I was so fucking tired I decided to sleep-in and let Jake take care of wrapping things up. When I finally woke up I was starving, I knew it would be at least a couple hours before Jake got back so I decided to order a little room service.

I was feeling horny as usual so I decided I'd get myself off while I.....waited for my breakfast. There's really nothing I love more than a quickie when I first wake-up in the morning, it's really a great way to get my day started. Well, I was just about to cum when my fucking breakfast arrived. I quickly threw on my robe and went to the door. The guy at the door was a real cutie, according to the tag on his shirt his name was Eric. He looked like he was in his early twenties and definitely kept himself in shape.

Anyway, as he rolled the food cart into the room I started having some very naughty thoughts about this hottie. I mean after all he interrupted my morning masturbation session. I told him that I'd be having my breakfast out on the balcony and asked him if he wouldn't mind snapping a few photos of me outside because the view was so beautiful. Yeah right, if he only knew what was going on inside my head at that very moment.

I grabbed the camera and set everything to automatic and asked him to get a couple shots of me with the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean in the background. I decided I'd tease him just a little as I dipped my finger into the creamy yogurt and sucked it clean, the same way I suck the cum off of a nice stiff cock. The consistency of the yogurt really did remind me of cum and what started out as a little bit of playful fun was now beginning to make me horny as hell.

As I tasted the yogurt I imagined that the tip of my fingers were the head of Eric's cock and I started to fantasize about dropping to my knees and sucking his cock until he shot his warm load down the back of my throat. I lifted my robe and spread my legs wide as I was imagining what it would be like to have his cock exploding inside my mouth.

I think Eric was getting a little flustered at this point and he even looked as if he wanted to drop the camera and dash out of the room. I just smiled at him seductively and asked him if he was ok with taking "these kind of pictures". He said, "Sure, no problem, I was just taken by surprise a little that's all. Just go ahead and do your thing, I'll take all the pictures you want."

There was no doubt that he was definitely enjoying himself and it was quite obvious that Eric was one hell of a well-hung guy. You should have seen the bulge in the front of his cute little shorts. The sight of his stiff prick pushing against the crotch of his shorts was really getting me worked up. Right then I decided, fuck it, I'm going to finish what I started before Eric knocked at my door. I began to rub my clit back and forth, faster and faster. I closed my eyes and imagined that my fingers were actually Eric's tongue flicking at my erect clit.

I didn't want to cum just yet so I decided to stop for a minute and have a little fun with my breakfast. I reached out for one of the juiciest strawberries in the bowl and dipped it into the yogurt. I wanted to feel the sensation of the cool yogurt against my warm nipples so I began to rub the yogurt soaked strawberry on my tits. Wow, that really felt incredible! The sensation of that cold yogurt against my warm nipples felt so fucking good that I decided to pour the entire bowl of yogurt all over me.

The drastic contrast in temperature between my skin and the yogurt sent a chill shooting throughout my entire body as I poured the yogurt all over my pussy. I reached for another strawberry so I could scoop up my pussy juices along with the yogurt. I've got to tell you that by now I was ready to fuck the bedpost. I think it was a combination of all the different physical sensations coupled with the fact that I was doing this all in front of a complete stranger that I had only met a few minutes earlier.

I was quite obviously wide awake at this point and my pussy was literally dripping wet. I slipped my finger into my slippery hole and started to explore myself as I do so often. It wasn't long before I began fucking myself like a crazy woman, all the while Eric continued snapping away with the camera.

As I was fucking my cunt harder and harder I threw my head back, closed my eyes and began to imagine that Eric had carried me onto the bed, spread my legs wide and began pounding my pussy with his bare cock. I continued fucking my pussy faster and faster and finally pushed myself over the edge as I imagined Eric's cock exploding deep inside me, filling my pussy with his warm sticky load. I let out a loud gasp as my body began to shudder. "Oh yes, I'm cumming! Fuck yes, ohhhhh yesssss."

After an unbelievable orgasm I licked my cum soaked fingers clean. I looked up at Eric and asked him if he had enjoyed himself and he said, "Fuck yeah, I'm just hoping that I get to fuck you now!" Let me tell you, I would have loved to have pushed him back into the room and climbed on top of what was quite obviously a larger than average cock. I swear I would have fucked that guy for hours but, Jake and I have had an agreement since we started swinging that we never fuck around without the other person being there.

Damn, I was really beginning to wish Jake had come back to the room early so that I could have fucked both him and Eric. No such luck for me that day though. I got up to get Eric a tip, I handed him five bucks and he said, "You're kidding right? I think you just gave me the best tip I'll ever have, I'm certainly not going to take your money too!" I insisted as I shoved the money into his pocket and showed him to the door.

When Jake finally got back to the the room, I told him to have a look at the pics on the camera. I told him the entire story as he looked through the pictures. When he finished looking at them he called down to the front desk to request a late check-out. He put the phone down and we fucked for at least an h.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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