You may remember the video I put up on my site a couple of weeks ago, the one I call "Fucking Staci & Ira". Well, these are pics of what took place just before that video. When we first met Staci and Ira we really hit it off so we decided to go back to their place for a little fun. Staci and I got extremely horny playing with each other while Jake took pictures and Ira ran the video camera.

After about 45 minutes of playing with Staci she whispered in my ear, "why don't we get ourselves some cock?" I.....was certainly game for that action. Jake was closest to the bed so he was the first to get a piece of us. We reached over and pulled him into the bed and had our way with him before moving on to Ira and his big fat cock. Anyway, if you want to see what happened after these photos were taken just have a look at the hot movie in my video section. Now back to this story, sorry but I just got a little distracted thinking about how hard Staci and I got fucked that day.

As you can see we didn't waste anytime slipping into something a little more comfortable once we got back to Staci and Ira's place. I'm not really sure why we even bothered changing into our sexy lingerie since we didn't keep it on very long anyway. Staci and I started out exploring each other's bodies. She obviously works out a lot because she had the tightest little hard body I've ever played with.

After a little fooling around we found ourselves locked in a very passionate kiss. I find that girls in general are really great kissers but I've gotta say that Staci definitely rates at the top of my list of most erotic kissers. There's just something incredibly hot about kissing the soft sensual lips of another woman. While we were kissing my mind started racing and my body temperature began to go through the roof.

I began to feel my pussy moisten as I thought of what it was going to be like to kiss her "other pair of lips". You know, the ones down below! Staci was eager to have my tongue stuffed deep inside her. She positioned herself doggy style on the bed, giving me full access to her wet slit. I fingered her pussy for a few minutes before diving right in to have a taste. Mmmmmmmm, yummy, she tasted great but I didn't get to enjoy her for very long before she spun around to return the favor. By the way she was lapping at my cunt it was quite obvious that she also enjoyed the taste of me.

Staci gives incredible head! She had this unique way of flicking her tongue back and forth across my clit that sent chills throughout my entire body. We continued licking and caressing each other for quite a while. Wow, I really love experiencing the touch of another woman like that. Next thing I knew Staci was on top of me and once again we were locked in an extremely sensual kiss. She sure enjoyed kissing, which was fine by me. I think I could have gotten off from just kissing her. As much as I was enjoying our tongue ballet my mind kept wandering back to the taste of her pussy.

I slid out from under her, rolled her onto her back and went to work on her slick hole. She grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled my face into her wetness. Staci's hips began to buck wildly up and down and her body began to shudder as she screamed out loud, "Oh yes Allie, you're gonna make me cum. Yes, that's it. Oh my God, I'm cumming. Fuck yeah, Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeah!" I just love making another woman cum with my tongue.

Staci sat up and we shared one final kiss. This is where Staci whispered in my ear, "why don't we get ourselves some cock". I agreed and we immediately pulled Jake into the bed as Ira continued to film everything. Now that's when the real fuck fest began. Before the whole thing was over several hours had passed and we had all taken a turn running the video camera while the other three fucked like a group of rabbits in heat. Make sure you check out.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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