Let me just start out by saying, WOW! This night was pretty much a fantasy cum true for me. It was the first time I had ever met Angelique in person. I actually came across her web site a few years ago, long before I ever even entertained the idea of having a site of my own. She has been the subject of numerous sexual fantasies for me ever since I first saw her site. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've masturbated with thoughts of this hottie running through my head. To actually have those fantasies fulfilled was an incredibly.....erotic experience for me. This girl goes from soft and sensual to hard and aggressive in the beat of a heart.

Now that I finally had this French-Canadian beauty all to myself I planned to fully ravish her gorgeous body for the rest of the night. As you can see, she had the same plan in mind for me as she pulled down my bra and began to suck my titties. I immediately began to feel a warm and tingly sensation throughout my entire body as she skillfully sucked and tongued my fully erect nipples.

I of course couldn't wait to return the favor and I took the first opportunity I had to get this hottie out of her clothes. Angelique has a hot little fucking body with the softest, most supple skin I've ever felt. The entire time we were exploring each other's bodies all I could think about was getting between her thighs and eating her pussy till she came all over my face just as I had so many times before in my numerous fantasies featuring this sexy gal.

Angelique was the first to "go downtown" as she so eloquently puts it. She pushed me back onto the couch and with her sexy French accent said, "Now I am going to make you cum". I swear, hearing those words and the way she said them just about made me cum before she had even touched my pussy. It definitely sent a tingle up my spine, that's for sure. My pussy was already soaked before she even began to work my clit with that talented tongue of hers. This is where Angelique went from soft and sensual to hard and aggressive as she tongue fucked my pussy like a sex crazed nympho.

I really love getting fucked good and hard by a guy, or better yet by a couple of well hung studs but I've got to tell you fellas, I've yet to meet a man that can get me off with their tongue the way another woman can. I think that a woman intuitively knows just how to please another woman. They know how to apply just the right amount of pressure, in just the right spot, using just the right rhythm. Mmmmmmmm, I just love being eaten my a sexy babe.

Speaking of eating pussy, I'm not sure which I enjoy most, giving or receiving. For one thing, I love to pleasure others sexually, but I also really enjoy the sensation of exploring another woman's pussy with my tongue. It is especially pleasing for me when I have to chase her pussy with my tongue because she's squirming all over the place from the pleasure brought to her by my efforts.

So, now it was my turn to finally get a taste of Angelique. Oh my, how I love French food. :-) She must have been really charged up because she got off in matter of minutes (the first time that is, lol). She started grinding her pussy against my face and grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me into her wetness as she began to scream with that hot fucking accent of hers, "Oh yes Allie, that's it. Right there, that's the spot. Ooh, ohhhhh yessssss baby that's good. Oh, oh, oh I'm going to cum! Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, oh yes I'm cumming!"

Well, that night was far better than any of the fantasies I'd ever had. It was an incredible occasion to meet this hot little web starlet and share one hell of an erotic evening together. This is.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Angelique Leclair, NaughtyAllie



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