Jake and I went on a little hike in the mountains just outside of Aspen during our trip to Colorado. The trail we chose took us through some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen. Although the weather was perfect that day I started to get a little hot about a mile into our hike.

Luckily we came upon a cool mountain stream just as I was beginning to really heat up. Well, you know I never miss an opportunity to get naked and that day was certainly not an exception. I just couldn't wait to strip down to my birthday suit.....right there in middle of the stream.

The sensation of the warm sun and the cool mountain breeze tickled my skin and I began to feel just a little naughty. There is something extremely arousing about being naked right out in the open where anyone could walk up on you at anytime!

Of course Jake is always ready with the camera so I started posing for a few shots as I enjoyed the feeling of being totally nude in such a beautiful place. I started to wonder what would happen if someone were to come walking up the trail behind us as I stood there butt naked in the middle of the stream. I was even beginning to get a little excited about the thought of that actually happening.

It didn't take long for my dirty little mind to get me all fired up. I began to fantasize that a couple of hot studs out on a fishing trip would stumble upon me sitting there buck naked on that rock. They would walk right up to me and without saying a word, one would bend me over the rock and shove his cock deep into my throbbing wet pussy while his buddy vigorously fucked my face.

As the fantasy began to develop in my head I could feel my pussy juices starting to run down the inside of my thigh. Of course at this point I knew that I had to get myself off right then and there! I was rubbing my clit as fast and as hard as I could until I brought myself just to the edge of climax. I paused for a moment so that I wouldn't cum too quickly. I wanted to prolong this sensation as long as I possibly could. I slipped back into my fantasy with these two strangers each taking turns on my soaking wet cunt.

I swear I could actually feel them both cumming deep inside me as they double penetrated my pussy. The vision in my head was so real that I just couldn't take it any longer. At that point my legs began to tremble and my entire body started to quiver as I reached the point of no return. As my orgasm finally began to subside, I looked down between my legs to see my juices trickling down the rock. If you've never stripped completely nude and gotten yourself off in the middle of the outdoors, I highly recommend it! It is .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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