I've been getting quite a few requests for pics of me getting ass fucked lately! Personally, I'm a big fan of ass fucking but I still need to be in just the right mood to truly enjoy the pleasures of anal sex. I'm not quite sure what it is but sometimes when I'm getting my pussy slammed by a big thick cock I get an overwhelming urge to have my ass stuffed too. Usually when this happens I just grab a hold of the cock that's drilling my wet cunt and guide it into my back end.

After a few strokes to get me primed I encourage my.....partner to start fucking my ass as hard as he can. Ideally, I love to work my pussy into a frenzy with a vibrating dildo while I'm getting my ass pounded by the real thing. I hope you enjoy these photos because I took them on a day that I was hit hard by my naughty craving to have a dick up my ass! I had just finished getting dressed to go out to dinner with Jake and since he wasn't quite ready yet I had a seat in the living room to wait for him. I started flipping through one of my gardening books thinking about what kind of flowers I wanted to plant this spring.

All I remember was looking up and Jake was standing in front of me with a very familiar grin on his face. I recognized the look right way, it was his, "hey, can I get a quick blowjob" grin. Well, you know me, I never miss out on an opportunity to suck some cock and get myself a nice sticky treat. I warned him that he better not fuck up and shoot his load in my hair because I wasn't about to get ready again before we left for dinner. He assured me that he would shoot every last drop right down the back of my throat.

With Jake's assurance that he wouldn't shoot any of his gooey stuff in my hair I went right to work stripping him out of his jeans. Like any good wife, I pulled down his zipper and had his jeans around his ankles in no time at all. His dick was already getting hard in anticipation of the mouth massage it was about to receive.

I pulled out his package and eagerly wrapped my lips around it as I began to coax his seed from his balls. Jake was definitely excited because I could taste his yummy precum oozing from the end of his prick as soon as I had him in my mouth. It wasn't long before I knew that this wouldn't just be a "quick blowjob". My pussy started to tingle and I knew right away that I had to be fucked before we went anywhere!

I told Jake that I had to get a little more comfortable and I started getting undressed. My hand brushed against the crotch of my panties as I pulled my pants down over my hips allowing me to feel the heat emanating from my already wet pussy.

I had to tease Jake a little to convince him to fuck me because he really just wanted to get his "quick bj" and head out the door to dinner. I bent over the couch and shook my ass in his direction and said, "come on baby you know you want some of this." Ok, so it wasn't that hard to convince him, a little ass shaking pretty much did the trick!

He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to my knees as he got down behind me and prepared to do me doggy-style (my favorite position). With one quick thrust he had his fuck pole buried deep inside my pussy. After several minutes of hard pussy pounding I began to feel the need to have my ass filled with his cock. I looked over my shoulder and stared him in the eyes as I said, "fuck me in the ass right now!"

I hadn't even finished telling him to fuck my ass before he had already pulled out of my cunt and stuffed his prick halfway up my back end. As he was sliding his cock inside me I lowered my chest to the floor and stuck my ass up in the air in order to ensure that my ass would be penetrated as deeply as possible.

Oh fuck, what an amazing feeling! I started massaging my clit with my fingers as Jake continued to stroke my ass with his cock. The combination of him stretching my hole and me rubbing my clit was about to get me off in a big way. I was so close, I began screaming, "Fuck my ass baby, that's it fuck my ass deep and hard, faster, harder, deeper! Ohhhhhh yeah. I'm cummmming, mmmmmmm! Fuck yes I'm cumming!"

My pussy was still quivering when Jake withdrew from my ass and flipped me over onto my back right on top of our cocktail table. He was so quick with the position change that my orgasm continued as he pushed my legs back into my chest and again shoved his cock, "balls deep" into my ass. Immediately, he began thrusting his hips back and forth. He was pounding my tight little hole so hard that his ball sack was slapping my ass with each and every stroke!

It felt fucking incredible, my orgasm must have continued for 3 or 4 more minutes as Jake relentlessly plowed my ass. I definitely like this position better when it come to anal sex. The best thing about being ass fucked is that my orgasms are a lot more intense and last a lot longer than they do when I'm getting my pussy fucked. Just as my orgasm began to subside Jake pulled out of me and was about to aim his cock at my face. In the heat of the moment, I had to remind him that he promised not to get it in my hair. He adjusted his aim at the last second as he plastered both my pussy and my ass with a very generous load of his man juice. Wow, I guess that's what you'd call an anal creampie for sure!

It was a huge load even by "Jake standards." Now I could see why he was in need of a blowjob. I could feel his warm cum running down my pussy and the crack of my ass. Just as I started to feel a little disappointed that I didn't get the usual tonsil splattering I realized that this mess had to get cleaned up somehow. And of course, I obviously couldn’t let that delicious treat go to waste.

As I was enjoying my treat, I began to feel like such a naughty girl for having my dessert before my dinner. Let me just say that if anal sex continues to end with a reward like Jake produced this time aroun.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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