Why are guys so obsessed with television anyway? I was feeling a little frisky the other day so I started teasing Jake in the hopes of getting a little action. He was relaxing on the couch watching a football game at the time. I couldn't believe it but I had to actually turn off the TV just to get him to take a look at what I was offering as alternative entertainment.

I had been fucked good and hard by a friend of ours the night before and just thinking of that incredible experience had my pussy soaking wet and craving even.....more cock. I didn't have any trouble at all capturing Jake's attention once I had turned off his precious football game.

I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was ready for some action too. I did the proper thing and dropped to my knees so that I could investigate the source of this bulge. I can't even begin to put into words how much I love cock. Sucking it, fucking it and having it shoot its load all over my eagerly awaiting face and wide open mouth.

In fact, the only thing I like better than sucking and fucking a cock is sucking and fucking two cocks at once. The best thing about taking on two guys is knowing that at the end I'll be rewarded with a double dose of hot sticky man juice. I better stop or else I'm going to have to take a break from writing this update so I can go and get myself off.

Ok, sorry about going off on a tangent for a second there. Once I had assumed the appropriate cock sucking position between my husband's legs I went right to work and began milking his thick prick with my hot little mouth. As I continued sucking him off I began to think about having his cock stuffed deep inside my already throbbing cunt.

I decided it was time to make myself a little more comfortable so I started stripping out of my clothes. I figured that if I was completely naked I'd be one step closer to having my pussy filled with Jake's fuck pole. I stood there and teased him a little before I went back to work on his cock.

After a few more minutes of blowing him I just couldn't hold out any longer. I spun around, grabbed his dick and slid it right into my dripping wet hole. Mmmmmmmm, I love that feeling when a man's dick first enters my pussy. The sensation of the head of his cock parting my moistened cunt lips is truly incredible. I started slamming my pussy down onto Jake's cock harder and harder.

My goal was to have him buried as deep inside me as I possibly could. I began to increase the pace of my humping and continued fucking him until my thigh muscles were on fire. Just when I thought I couldn't go any longer Jake grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over onto my back.

He immediately thrust his cock into my gapping hole and began furiously pounding my pussy. Each stroke was harder and faster than the one before. I started rubbing my clit and almost immediately I began to cum. The combination of a hard cock inside me and the stimulation of my clit were far too much to handle without going past the point of orgasm.

I cried out to Jake, "Please don't stop baby! I'm cumming, oh god yes that's it, I'm fucking cumming! Ohhhh, yeah fuck that pussy hard baby!" Almost simultaneously he pulled his prick from my cum soaked hole and began spraying me with wave after wave of his sticky load.

My orgasm was subsiding at that point but when Jake's hot cum began splashing across my skin it put me over the edge once again and I started cumming a second time. Mmmmmmmm, now that was an unexpected bonus! I looked up at him and said, "Now wasn't that a lot mo.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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