Remember last week when I told you about meeting some old friends in Miami? Jake and I were in town on a business trip for a few days when we ran into Sammy and Brett at a local night spot. Unfortunately they had plans first thing the following morning so they had to call it a night kinda early. We exchanged numbers and promised to hook-up later in the week for some hot group sex!

Sammy and Brett came over to our hotel a couple days later and we had one hell of a fucking good time. Every time we get together with another.....couple we always run into the same dilemma. Who's gonna run the camera while we all fuck? It's really important to us that we have great pics and video of the experience to share with everyone. After all that's the reason we started the Web site in the first place. Unfortunately, it's kinda hard to run the camera and fuck at the same time!

So, once again the guys decided to flip a coin to see who would be fucking Sammy and I while the other was stuck running the camera. I gotta tell ya, I really think Jake has a double sided coin he carries with him at all times because I've yet to see him lose one of these coin tosses.

Sammy is always a lot of fun to play with and Jake says she gives incredible blow jobs. As you can see, we stripped Jake out of his shorts and proceeded to take turns sucking him off. One of us would suck his cock while the other tongued his balls and then we'd switch. The poor guy, huh?

All this cock sucking had my pussy dripping wet and craving a good hard fucking. I looked up at my darling hubby and said, "Ok, now it's time for the ladies to get some action! Come over here and fuck me doggy style while I lick Sammy's pussy!" I raised my ass in the air in preparation for Jake's entry. At the same time I dove head first into my friends sweet love hole!

I was sandwiched between the two of them having my cunt pounded by Jake's hard prick as I dined on some tasty pussy. At one point I rolled over and spread my legs wide for my husband and told Sammy, "Sit on my face and ride me like a cowgirl!"

I really love having a girl straddle my face and grind her pussy back and forth across my tongue as her sweet juices trickle down the back of my throat! With Sammy on my face and Jake pumping away at my pussy I came in no time flat! Jake pulled his cum soaked cock from my pussy and plunged it deep into Sammy's tight little fuck hole! Now it was my turn to mount her face and get a little tongue action for my clit!

I leaned over and shared a very passionate kiss with my hubby as he continued pounding away at my friend's cunt. Within minutes Sammy was squealing with pleasure, begging Jake to fuck her harder. "Oh my god yes, Jake!", was about all she managed to get out before her body started to shudder in orgasm. Wow, by the way she was moaning and twitching there was no doubt what was happening, I could almost feel her cumming myself!

That's when I decided I wanted another turn. As he was about to pull out of Sammy I told him, "You better not cum yet I need to be fucked again first." Jake responded by getting into position behind me and with one quick thrust he slammed his fuck pole to the very bottom of my cunt.

Once again I took the opportunity to eat Sammy's pussy. Her cum tasted extra sweet knowing that it was my husband's cock that was responsible for the flavor. I was on the verge of cumming for a second time that day when Jake said, "Oh fuck, I'm going to blow!". Before I had a chance to get off again Jake pulled his cock from my pussy and aimed it in our direction.

Sammy and I got into position to share my man's load. I knew it was going to be a huge one because he had not came yet that day. His seed burst forth from his cock plastering the two of us. Sammy caught the first two wads across her face and I ended up with the rest of it splashed across most of my body. I guess you could say we had both been blasted with man juice, yummy! I hope we get to see our friends again soon and next time I'm going to .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie, Sammy Tyler



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