As you probably know, Jake and I recently spent a week driving all over the state of Colorado. The trip was sort of a scouting expedition to explore places we may want to live when we move out west. The best part of our little adventure was the fact that we were alone in the car together for eight to ten hours everyday! Most of the roads we followed were a little out of the way and not too heavily traveled so of course this was the perfect opportunity to get a little naughty.

Each day as we set out on our drive through the.....mountains I'd lean over the armrest separating us and slide Jake's shorts down just far enough to gain access to his cock. I'd take him into my mouth as he drove and suck him off until I was rewarded with a nice thick load being splattered against the back of my throat.

Usually within a few hours of that first protein treat I'd begin craving another and once again I'd lean over into Jake's lap and go to work on his manhood. This was pretty much the routine all week long until the final day of our trip. We had been in and out of the car so much that I didn't have a single chance to suck him off the entire day.

This was a big change from the previous few days. It was just the day before that I was lucky enough to swallow my husband's sweet load five times in less than ten hours. Anyway, after a hectic day on the road we finally checked-in to a hotel for the night. As we rode the elevator up to our room my pussy began to moisten just thinking of the huge load that awaited me.

Since Jake hadn't busted a nut all day I knew that when he finally did it was going to be huge. It's a good thing I love the taste of cum so much because when he goes an entire day without shooting his wad it can be quite a challenge to swallow it all without spilling any. As soon as we entered the room I began stripping out of my clothes and teasing him.

My little strip tease didn't last very long before I dropped to my knees and unleashed Jake's cum shooting cannon. Yes, that's what I call it! If you've seen any of our videos then you know that my nickname for his prick is well deserved. If I don't catch his shot in my mouth or across my face then it usually ends up flying unobstructed through the air often times as far as ten to twelve feet.

His cum bursts from his cock with so much force that it flies through the air until it finds something blocking its path. Those of you who have seen the videos or my live cams show know that I'm not exaggerating. Remember the time he hit the wall just inches from the ceiling? Anyway, there I was on my knees with a mouthful of cock just minutes after entering the room.

I was sucking his dick like a woman on a mission! The "mission" was to get a mouthful of his hot sticky cum as quickly as I possibly could. Jake grabbed me by the back of the head and began fucking my face. He was pumping his stiff prick in and out of my mouth so fast that I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

Not wanting to spill his seed too quickly he pulled out of my mouth saying, "Stop for a second or I'm going to cum!" I looked up at him and said, "Fuck that, I'm not stopping for even half a second. I want you to explode inside my mouth right now! Give it to me now baby, I've been waiting for this all day long and I don't want to wait a minute longer".

I assured him that if he'd just give me what I wanted right then and there that I would take care of him again later that night. After all, sucking him off again in a couple of hours would only mean that much more cum for me anyway! I began licking his sack as if to coax his man juice from deep inside his balls. I couldn't wait to taste him as he burst inside my mouth!

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began stroking it as I massaged the underside of his balls with my tongue. At one point I sucked them both into my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his entire sack. I felt his nuts tighten up and I instantly knew that he was about to shoot his load.

The moment I began to feel the spasms in his balls I released them from my lips. I immediately aimed the head of Jake's cock at my wide open mouth and got into position just in time to have the first two spurts splash against my tonsils and run down the back of my throat. Mmmmmmm, yummy! I had to close my mouth for just a second so that I could swallow quickly before I lost what I had already caught.

While my mouth was closed I missed a couple of spurts that hit my face and ran down my chin, onto my tits, and then down to my thighs. I did manage to open up again before Jake emptied the last of his load. I quickly gobbled up what wasn't shot directly into my mouth so that I was sure to get the most for my efforts. Oh yeah, I kept my promise to Jake later that night and sucked him off one last time before going to sleep. We really had a great time in Colorado and I'll bet I swallowed more cum that week than I did the entire month before our trip! If this is a sign .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie



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