I received an e-mail yesterday from a member saying how much he enjoyed photos of me wearing everyday type clothing. No lingerie or sexy outfits but just the type of clothes that you would throw on to run some errands. David asked if I would post some pics of me around the house in more casual clothes. His request reminded me of some pics Jake and I had already taken.

We had just returned home from doing a little grocery shopping one day. I was finishing up putting the groceries away when I called for Jake to come and get which he had left sitting out from the day before. Yes, we were taking some naughty pics the previous day and instead of putting his toys away like a good boy, Jake left the camera sitting on the kitchen table.

Anyway, he thought he'd be cute and start snapping a few pics so I decided to play along with his little charade. We certainly had no intention of using these pics for the site at the time we took them. We were just playing around and goofing off like we tend to do from time to time.

I figured what the hell, we had some free time so let's see where this goes. I thought to myself, maybe if I end up completely naked I might even get lucky and get some cock. When I first started browsing through these pics I really didn't think that I even wanted to put them up on the site.

I was a little reluctant because there wasn't really any "action" involved and there didn't seem to be anything all that sexy about the pics. I just wasn't sure that you guys would really get into these kind of photos. The more I went through them, the more I realized exactly what David was talking about.

Like I said, I didn't really get it at first and as I began to look through these pics I even thought to myself, who really wants to see photos of me acting like a big goof ball in my kitchen anyway. However, as I continued to sort through them I totally understood what the attraction was.

There is something very sexy about pics that aren't overtly sexual in nature. In fact, depending on your mood this type of image can be a much greater turn-on than those where a girl is getting face fucked by a guy with a huge cock while her pussy is being pounded by another well hung stud!

It hit me partially because a lot of times when I'm feeling the need to get off I actually search the web for images a lot like this. In fact I'm a member of several sites that are focused exclusively on exactly this type of erotica. Then again I'm also a member of a couple very hardcore sites as well.

Anyway, after much internal debate I figured, what the fuck I'm a pretty good judge of porn. I mean I see enough of it on a daily basis to make a good comparison. So, since I thought they were hot I made the decision to go ahead and post them to my site and let you guys decide for yourself.

I know David will be happy I put these up but I really hope the rest of you enjoy them as well. I can tell you one thing for sure, Jake and I had a lot of fun taking them. Oh yeah, so my little plan to get naked and entice Jake into a little afternoon romp in the sack didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped.

Initially things were going my way and I even started to get a little excited when I noticed the rising bulge in his pants however the door bell rang right about the time the last pic you see here was taken. It was the neighbor asking if Jake could help him unload some lumber he had just bought for a new deck. Oh well, since I was already all worked up I just went to th.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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