These photos are a direct result of a conversation we had during one of my live cam shows a couple nights ago. If you missed the show let me tell you about the discussion we had that night. One of my members brought up how he thought plain white cotton underwear was extremely sexy.

He was very adamant about his view point and before long a few more guys in the chat agreed that a woman wearing white cotton panties was one of the most sexually arousing images they could visualize. Being a woman who enjoys dressing up in sexy.....lingerie I found this surprising.

I just couldn't believe that guys would prefer a woman in plain white cotton panties over some hot lingerie. As the conversation continued more and more of the guys (and one of the gals) began talking about why something as simple as a pair of white cotton panties was so stimulating.

It really got me thinking and I began to realize that some of my hottest masturbatory fantasies included women wearing nothing more than a pair of plain white cotton panties. Apparently I too had this cotton underwear fetish, assuming of course it would be categorized as an actual fetish.

So, after my cam chat I continued this discussion with Jake and guess what? He told me it's a huge turn on for him too. He went on to tell me that he often jerks off to "white cotton panty porn"! Most wives may have been irate about this revelation however I chose to use it to my advantage.

I was already horny as fuck from my live cam show anyway so I decided to run up to the bedroom and change into nothing but a pair of white cotton panties and a white tank top with no bra. I went back down stairs in my new found attire and asked Jake, "So, is this what turns you on or what"?

He made no verbal reply he simply lifted me up on his desk, pulled my cotton panties to the side and proceeded to fuck the living hell out of me until I came all over his cock! It didn't take him long at all to fill my already dripping wet cunt with spurt after spurt after spurt of his potent man seed.

Right then I was convinced that we all have a bit of a cotton panty fetish. I decided I would go to the mall the next day and pick out some cute little white cotton panties and a matching white cotton tank top. I spent the whole day looking until I found the perfect outfit that you see in these pics.

I hope you enjoy these photos and stroke your big fat cock until you cum all over my soaking wet cotton panties. Don't worry if your aim is bad and you miss my panties and hit my open mouth, you know I'll swallow every last dr.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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