You know how I love threesomes and this was definitely one of the hottest I've ever had. I normally prefer boy-boy-girl threesomes because there's nothing that can compare to having my pussy serviced by two hard cocks, well except maybe three hard cocks but that's a whole different story.

Anyway, Jake and I got together with Brandi and her husband Michael for an evening of fucking when our husbands were confronted with the dreaded coin toss. I want to share all my sexual adventures with you guys so that means someone is.....always left out of the action to run the camera.

Jake's been on a winning streak lately and I was actually beginning to think that he had a two sided coin or something. Unfortunately for Jake his luck ran out this night. His misfortune worked in my favor because I got to fuck some new cock. And let me tell you Michael's prick is nice and thick!

I know I seem to mention this quite a bit but I feel so lucky to have a partner that is into the swinging lifestyle and gets off seeing me fuck other men. We often talk about what's hotter, actually fucking someone else or watching each other fuck someone else. We're still undecided on that point!

So, back to Brandi and Michael. This night was the first time I had ever hooked up with these two hotties. As you can see, she has the body of a goddess. I don't know how much time she spends at the gym everyday but one thing is certain, it has definitely paid off for her.

Brandi was a real sport offering to share her husband with me although I could tell she was a little disappointed that Jake lost the coin toss. I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to get the two of them together very soon. Jake's been telling me how he's just dying to fuck her ever since that night.

Brandi and I have been talking on the phone about her and Michael coming out for a visit so maybe next time I'll run the camera while Jake and Michael fuck Brandi or maybe Michael can run the camera and Jake can have Brandi and I all to himself. Yeah now that sounds like a plan for sure!

Ok so once we got back to our room that night we didn't waste any time at all on small talk. We headed straight for the bed where Brandi and I proceeded to molest her hubby. Of course he wasn't putting up any resistance to our advances as we stripped him naked in a matter of seconds.

We dropped to our knees and began to give Michael a proper oral servicing. Brandi was the first to wrap her lips around his thick piece of meat as I sucked and licked his balls patiently waiting for my turn on his shaft. When she released his cock from her mouth I quickly swallowed him whole.

I was sucking him for all I was worth hoping for a taste of his potent seed. Michael grabbed the back of my head quickly pulling his cock from my mouth as he said, "Easy tiger, if you do that much longer you'll end up making me cum and then I may not get a chance to fuck you tonight."

No chance of that happening because I immediately stopped sucking him off. Once I've had a man's cock in my mouth I definitely need to feel it inside my pussy. Especially one with the thickness of Michael's. I just couldn't wait to feel him stretching my cunt wide open with his tool.

I think that's exactly what he had in mind too because he sat down on the edge of the bed and started to strip me out of my clothes. His gorgeous wife lent a hand and the next thing I know I was buck naked, flat on my back with Michael's face buried between my legs warming up my pussy.

Wow, this guy really knew what he was doing as he explored my soaking wet hole with his expert mouth. He sucked on my pussy lips, licked my clit and then shoved his tongue so far up my love canal that he practically reached my g-spot! I knew it wouldn't be long before he made me cum.

And just a few minutes later that's exactly what I did, I came all over Michael's face. As I thrust my hips up into his mouth he pushed back with equal resistance and continued lapping away at the juices flowing from my pussy. When Brandi heard me cumming she wanted in on the action too!

She slid out from beneath Michael's legs where she had been sucking him off and jumped up onto the bed. She then straddled his legs and squatted down onto his cock. I repositioned myself so that I was sitting on her husband's face as he continued to give my pussy a good tongue lashing.

Brandi and I were now eye to eye. As she rhythmically bobbed up and down on his cock she looked at me and said, "He's pretty good at eating pussy isn't he?" I said, "Fuck yeah he is! Now I just can't wait to see if he's equally as proficient with his other tool if you know what I mean?"

She giggled and said, "Why wait any longer then?" She hopped off of her husband's blood engorged prick and she grabbed it with her hand, aiming it at me as she said, "Go ahead and find out for yourself." I could feel my pussy tingle at the mere thought of having that thing inside me!

She certainly didn't have to offer twice, in fact she barely had finished her sentence and I was already sitting on top of Michael with that thick piece of meat buried balls deep in my pussy! I immediately began riding him like a horse just yards away from winning the Kentucky Derby!

I looked up at Jake who was running the camera and said, "Fuck baby, his prick feels so fucking good inside me! I'm going to ride this fucking cock all night long." Jake replied, "Good, I've got a fresh battery in the camera, let's see how long you can last." Just then Michael flipped me over and began fucking me doggy style as I made out with his wife.

Within minutes of switching to this new position my pussy began to twitch and tingle and I knew I was about to cum. I couldn't take it any longer, I screamed out, "Fuck me Michael, yes fuck me until I come all over your cock! Oh fuck that's it I'm cumming, oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes I'm cummmmmmmmmming!"

Apparently that was enough to put him over the edge as well. He said, "Oh shit I'm about to cum!" He pulled his fuck tool from my dripping snatch as Brandi and I both attempted to get first shot at his jizz. The first spurt splashed against my tonsils before sliding down my throat. Brandi caught the second spurt and immediately swallowed it. The third and final spurt hit Brandi on the cheek where I eagerly proceeded to lick it clean. Mmmmmmmmm, yummy! Wow I had an incredible time fucking these two, I really hope they come out for a visit soon so that I.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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