I was hanging out with a couple of girlfriends last week when things got a bit erotic. The next thing I knew all three of us were laying in bed butt naked and the room was filled with moans of ecstasy. We had a lot of fun that night and even though we came more than a dozen times between the three of us we all still had a craving that had not yet been satisfied. The sun was coming up already and we had spent the entire night playing with each other but we still needed to get some cock!

I was laying there in a post orgasmic.....glow just day dreaming about getting some dick. As my mind was wondering in fantasy land I heard Anna say, "Damn that was great now all we need is a good stiff prick to finish off the evening." Julie laughed and said, "I was thinking the exact same thing!"

She then turned to me and asked, "So when does Jake get back? Maybe he wouldn't mind if we took out all our sexual frustration on him. What do you think?" I instantly had this mental image of the three of us going down on my husband and sucking him off until he blew his load all over us.

"Sounds like the perfect way to wrap up an already incredible night to me," I replied. Just then, almost as if on cue, Jake came strolling through the door totally clueless as to what he was about to find waiting for him inside the bedroom. What a pleasant surprise that must have been for him.

He had been out all night with some of his guy friends and had absolutely no idea that I invited Anna and Julie over to keep me company while he was gone. Of course he put up no resistance at all when we told him about our diabolical plan to suck every last drop of jizz from his manhood.

One of the advantages of taking on a guy with the assistance of two other girls is that it takes no time at all to get him out of his clothes. The three of us had Jake stripped naked in less than a minute and we now had access to everything we needed to fully satisfy our naughty desires.

Once we had him naked he was totally at our mercy. The three of us dropped to our knees in front of him. I looked up at my husband and could see him grinning from ear to ear. Talk about a kid in a candy store, you should have seen the expression on his face, it was definitely priceless!

I was the first to wrap my lips around his already hardening cock. I glanced back and forth at Julie and Anna who were both sucking his balls as I bobbed up and down on his dick. The real cum slut in me came to the surface as I began to wonder who would be rewarded with Jake's sticky load.

It was so hot seeing Jake with his hands wrapped around the back of their heads as all three of us competed for a taste of his meat. I was getting so worked up by the scene around me that I nearly came without even touching myself. I started to feel like I was being a little selfish keeping his cock all to myself so I released Jake from my mouth to allow one of the other girls to have a turn.

I should have known that Julie would be next to swallow his rod. She's one of the few girls that truly enjoys sucking cock at least as much as I do and she sure proved it that morning. Hearing her purr as Jake's prick slid past her parted lips toward the back of her throat made my pussy tingle.

She was really giving Jake one hell of a workout when he pulled her off of his cock and said, "Oh fuck, if you don't give me a break for a second I'm going to cum right now." Julie looked up at him and said, "Duh, that's the point Jake, now give me your cock!" and she went back to blowing him.

I had to laugh when she said that however Anna wasn't amused. She looked up at my husband and said, "Nobody's cumming until I get my turn!" Julie then passed Jake's cock to Anna saying, "Yeah, I guess I've had my fair share, just be sure to give him back when you feel his balls start to twitch."

That's when I again started to wonder which one of us was going to be rewarded with my husband's sticky treat. I know I can have it anytime I want so I really should give this one up to my girlfriends but I just can't ever seem to get enough. So then I figured I'd let Jake make the decision.

The three of us were all on our knees trying to get a bit more cock when I asked, "So who's going to get your seed sprayed all over them." Before he could answer Anna and Julie simultaneously made their claim to his man juice. I had to laugh again before making my own claim to his load.

I think Jake was a bit overwhelmed by having three naked women at his feet all vying for his sticky treat when he asked, "How about all three of you?" He then pulled his prick from Anna's mouth and aimed it at her as Julie and I both moved closer so that we could get our fair share too.

His cock exploded all over Anna's tits as the initial spurt hit her left nipple and splashed across her breast. He then turned towards me just as the second spurt erupted from his prick splattering my left jug. Julie was the lucky one as she received the final two spurts, one for each breast.

That was pretty much the end for Jake. After being out all night and then being sucked off by three sex crazed women he fell back onto the bed and fell asleep for a couple of hours. We all took a nap to recover and when we woke up let's just say we called Anna's husband to come over and we had .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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