My girlfriend Julie and I were about to settle in for an evening of pay-per-view movies when Jake started hinting around about how long it had been since he’d last experienced the pleasure of two women at once. I reminded him that he’d just fucked my girlfriend Renee and I the previous weekend and he replied with, “Yeah, like I said it’s been a long time, that was 6 days ago.”

I guess it wasn’t really fair that Julie and I had been prancing around the room in nothing but our underwear for the last hour. We just.....wanted to get comfortable before jumping into bed to watch our movies but I can see how that would have gotten Jake all hot and bothered. I was about to ask him if he could wait until after we had watched the first movie when Julie said, “Awe poor Jake, hasn’t had a threesome in almost a week maybe we should help him out tonight. Besides I haven’t been fucked all day and I’d love to take him for a ride right now!”

I’ve certainly never been accused of being a cock blocker! If one of my girls wants to fuck my husband I’m always there to facilitate and most of the time to join in on the action. Being the good little sluts that we are Julie and I dropped to our knees as we pulled Jake’s pants off. We both alternated between sucking his cock and licking his balls until I just couldn’t take it any longer and I had to feel him inside me. I straddled his lap as Julie grabbed the shaft of his cock and guided it into my soaking wet hole.

I think I lost track of time grinding away on Jake’s fuck pole because the next thing I remember was hearing Julie say, “Hey be careful girl you know I want a turn too!” I figured that was my cue to let my friend get hers so I climbed off Jake’s dick and watched as Julie lowered herself down onto his manhood. I nearly came just from the sight of her beautiful pussy swallowing his cock all the way down to its base. She looked so fucking hot bouncing up and down on my husband’s cock!

I got myself off as I rubbed my clit while licking my husband’s balls and listening to my sexy girlfriend scream, “Oh my god yes, that’s it! Yes, oh my fucking god that’s it!” She practically fell off his cock from exhaustion! Honestly guys I don’t think you realize how much a really good orgasm takes out of a woman. I’ve nearly passed out from exhaustion during some of my more intense climaxes. Anyway, Julie got off just in time for Jake to begin plastering both our faces with his sticky man goo.

Of course we licked each other clean and thanked Jake for his services as we sauntered off into the bedroom to watch our movies. As for what happened after the m.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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