My sexy girlfriend Sammy and I decided to host our own naughty little Halloween party at my house this year. The event actually turned out to be more of an “orgy” than it was a “party” but that’s a story for another occasion. The day of the orgy/party Sammy came over early to help me get everything ready. We were almost done decorating when we thought it would probably be a good idea to get ourselves into costume just in case any of our guests arrived early.

As you can see from these pictures we both went as cute.....little witches. Not the mean scary kind, but more of the naughty temptress type that you would want to bend over a table and fuck until you shot your load all over the place. Hey, we’re trying to attract cock here, not scare it away! As we were putting the finishing touches on our decorations I just couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I had been wanting to go down on Sammy’s sweet tasting pussy all afternoon but we were in a bit of a time crunch trying to get everything done before anyone showed up.

Now that we were pretty much finished decorating and it was at least another thirty minutes until we expected our first guest I suggested that we have a little pre-party playtime. Of course she knew exactly what I was talking about and within a matter of minutes we were both on my dining room table with our tits hanging out as we shared a few candy corn kisses. It wasn’t long before I had her flat on her back across the table with my tongue buried deep inside her, yummy! As always, Sammy returned the favor and both of us got off multiple times before the party had even started.

We jumped up off the table and started putting ourselves and the decorations back together. The doorbell rang just as we were finishing up. As we headed toward the door I wiped my hand across my face just to be sure I had completely cleaned up all of Sammy’s delicious pussy juices. We greeted our first guest with innocent smiles and walked him into the kitchen where only moments earlier we had been going down on each other. Since he knows us both very well I figure it’s a pretty good bet that he knew exactly what we had been up to before he got there.

The rest of our guests continued to arrive and that’s when things really got hot and steamy but as I .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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