I think almost everyone would agree that the human brain is the most powerful sex organ in our bodies, period! I have so many erotic fantasies that I've yet to fulfill in real life mostly due to logistical reasons. For example, there are these three guys in particular that I've fucked separately on several different occasions. Each of these guys were incredible in bed all on their own! However, it has always been a fantasy of mine to fuck all three of them at once while Jake films all the action. I would love to have a video of the.....encounter to share with everyone and of course for me to watch whenever I want to relive the experience of being ravished by three well-hung, well-built, expert lovers!

The only thing preventing this from happening is that all three of these guys happen to live in different states so the chance of me having all three of them at once isn't very likely. I'm still working on it though and I even came really close to having it all set-up this past summer but I just wasn't able to find a weekend that worked for all three guys. I almost settled for two of them but I really want to wait until I can manage to get all three of them together at once. So what's a gal to do? As with any situation like this I'll usually take matters into my own hands, literally.

I'll usually begin by running a naughty scenario through my head until I can feel myself getting wet. I then fixate on that fantasy and start to build on it as I finger fuck myself, or if I have access to one of my toys I'll use it instead. I have a very vivid imagination especially when it comes to sex and I often get so completely absorbed into the fantasy that at times I honestly almost believe that the cock being thrust in and out of my pussy is real and attached to a guy who really knows how to fuck. Yeah, eventually I am brought back to reality and realize it's only a plastic dildo but that usually only happens after I've already had one hell of an orgasm.

Sorry if I've gotten off on a tangent here but I had to give you an idea of how my dirty little mind works when I'm masturbating before getting into telling you about these particular pictures. It was one of those days that I couldn't stop thinking about my favorite three guys and what it would be like to have all of them fucking the living hell out of me for an entire day. I had myself so worked-up that I knew I'd need to finish myself off before getting on with the rest of my day. So I grabbed one of my favorite vibrators and went to work.

I love this particular vibrator not only because it's very powerful but I also just like the pretty pink and white swirled design. Anyway, at the time I wasn't really thinking much about the design of the vibrator. All I could think about was having my pussy pounded by these three guys one after another, again and again and again until finally I just couldn't take anymore. This was one of those times that I got so into the fantasy that I swear my mind had convinced my body that I was actually getting fucked by three real cocks. I only had one orgasm but it was one of those extremely intense climaxes that literally leaves you gasping for air.

I guess for now this will have to remain a fantasy
of mine but I can guarantee you that one day I will fulfill this fantasy in real life and when I do I will make sure Jake f.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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