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Jake and I had been corresponding with this girl Anna that we had met on-line. We had been thinking about taking a vacation when Anna mentioned that she and a bunch of her friends were planning their annual get together in Las Vegas and asked if we'd like to join them. It had been a couple years since we'd been to Vegas so we decided to go, besides we'd been wanting to meet Anna anyway. Our first night in town we met Anna and her friends at one of the casino bars for a few drinks. Well, we weren't there for more than twenty minutes before.....someone suggested that we head upstairs to Anna's suite to continue the party there.

It wasn't very long before the girls headed toward the bedroom area of the suite where we all pretty much just started getting naked. I had to laugh to myself when I looked up and saw a couple of the guys grabbing their cameras. I don’t think they ever wanted to forget this moment, seven naked hotties all in one bed. I was kind of nervous at first, after all I hadn't even been introduced to some of these girls yet.

Although I was nervous I was also getting very horny. I was so glad that I had worn black panties so no one could see the juices running out of me. This incredibly hot blonde girl, who I later found out was named Hunter, leaned over and started kissing my nipples and wow did it feel great. I thought i'd return the favor by sucking on her beautiful titties. By the way she was moaning I think she was really enjoying it. All the girls around me were groping each other and I just wanted to reach out and touch everyone. It was so fucking erotic and I was so horny! I turned around I saw Anna sitting right next to me and I couldn't resist grabbing her titties and sucking on her nipples.

Then I just started playing with all the girls in the bed, I desperately wanted to taste each and every one of them that night. We were all so amazed that this was happening that occasionally we would just stop and glance at each other and giggle. Then it was right back to playing with each other. This was so fucking hot, I couldn't even begin to convey what I was feeling inside.

After some more kissing and touching, the pussy eating started in full force. Believe me with seven hot chicks there was plenty of pussy to go around. There were periods of time that the moaning and screaming was so loud that you would have sworn that all seven of us were cumming all at once.

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any hotter, Hunter pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs apart as she slowly crawled between them and started to lick my pussy. I swear I thought I was in heaven! I know she really liked me because she was fucking me so hard with her tongue. I started moaning “Oh yes, Oh yes!" And I wasn't the only one in the room moaning either.

While my pussy was being ravaged by Hunter I noticed Joy sneaking up behind her to eat her pussy. Wow, I just started moaning louder and louder, it was like all the girls were connected to each other like one big mass of naked pussy and titties all tangled together. We were so focused on the moment that I think we all pretty much forgot that guys were in the room at all.

All I remember hearing were girls constantly moaning and periodic bursts of very intense screaming when one of us would have an orgasm. I was so amazed that this was even happening to me. The only thing that could have possibly made it any better would have been if one of the gals would have brought some dildos to the party. Unfortunately, since this was a totally spontaneous girl fest no one had planned for, there weren't any toys for us to fuck each other with. Maybe next time, lol.

Hunter was still eating my fucking pussy when I was about to cum for the third time, I looked up and saw Joy straddling Anna's face in front of me. To my left I saw Jorden fingering both Vanilla and Paige at the same time. It was so hot and exactly what I needed to send me over the edge once more that night as my pussy started pulsing and I came all over Hunter's face again. She didn't mind at all, later that night she even told me that I had the sweetest pussy she had ever eaten.

At this point I thought that it was time for Hunter to experience the pleasure of my tongue. So I sat up and whispered in her ear that I wanted to taste her. As she laid back I eagerly buried my face between her legs, yummy. She tasted so good. In the mean time I felt someone playing with my ass and licking my pussy. I couldn't believe it, my clit was being licked even as I ate Hunters pussy.

After eating some pussy I just had to kiss my new girlfriend. As we were sharing a passionate kiss. I realized my pussy was receiving the full attention of both Anna and Joy. Was this a dream come true or what, I was starting to loose track of how many times my pussy had been devoured that night.

Well, I guess Hunter hadn't gotten enough of my pussy for the night because while I was on all fours kissing Jorden she slipped behind me and started playing with my pussy some more! MMMMMMMMM! While I was playing with one of Jorden’s tits Joy was giving the other her full attention. All this time my pussy was once again getting the five-star treatment. Just look at my face, you can tell I was having the time of my life and I don’t think the orgasms could have possibly been more intense than they were that night.

After one more taste of Hunters pussy I could see Anna sliding up in between my legs. Anna had a taste of my pussy and slowly moved up to my lips. We exchanged some very deep kisses. At this point I knew that women would always be a very important part of my sex life. All of these girls were so fucking sexy!

Finally, we had all formally introduced ourselves and everyone had their fair share of orgasms for the night. I ended the orgy with a nice back rub from my new girlfriend. I met a lot of great girls that night and cant wait to get together with them again real soon. Oh and once we had finished up things got even more interesting as the guys all joined us .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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