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Jorden and I met at a hotel one night not too long ago when things really got heated up! Unfortunately, we realized that neither of us had brought a dildo to our little party. I love being licked by a woman but there are times, like that night when I just need to grab hold of a big stiff cock. Jorden felt the need too and we both looked at her camera guy and told him it was his lucky day. We just needed somebody to run the camera though! We phoned room service for a couple of drinks and when they arrived we asked the guy if he would.....consider running the video camera while Jorden and I had a threesome with our original camera guy.

He said, he’d love to but we had to be quick about it or else he’d end up getting in trouble for taking too long to run the order up to our room. That worked out fine for me because I wasn’t looking for a long drawn out fuck session like I usually am, I was really in the mood for a quickie. That being said, we didn’t waste a minute of time stripping down to nothing before going to work on Rod’s cock. Mmmmmm, yummy! I just love having a mouthful of cock, especially when it’s spurting load after load into my mouth. Yes, I love the taste, texture, and smell of a man’s semen!

Before you ask, of course I swallow and any woman who doesn’t is really missing out. Unfortunately for me, this time around Jorden was the beneficiary of Rod’s sticky man juice. He shot his load right into her mouth and she swallowed and slurped down every last drop. Oh well, no cum for me that night but at least I did get a mouthful of cock and I certainly can’t complain about that. Any night you’re lucky enough to suck a cock is a good night in my book. I did tell Jorden that the next time we share a cock, I want to share the cum t.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jorden Rivera, NaughtyAllie, Rod Cameron



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