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This was one hell of a crazy night, we had actually only met all these people just a few hours earlier. We'd never been involved in an orgy before but we had been talking about how erotic it would be for a while. This night we were really just planning on hanging out and meeting some new people that we'd chatted with on-line and we certainly didn't expect the party to turn into an all out orgy like it did! Believe me, I'm not complaining. It was so fucking hot, at one point there were like 14 people all fucking in the same bed.
It actually started out as an all girl orgy but it wasn’t long before things took a very interesting turn. After the gals had all finished each other off I was still lying on the bed with Hunter and Paige when Chase came over to join us for a little taste of pussy. That's when I heard one of the gals yell "we need some cock now!" Well, the next thing I knew clothes were flying off and everyone was getting naked. I was really ready for some hard cock too and I couldn't wait to be fucked by some of these hot studs. I knew then that things were about to get really crazy!

I noticed that most of the guys were already rock hard before they even finished getting undressed. Now it was their turn to get some pussy. I looked up at Jake and nodded for him to bring his cock to me. I ripped his pants off as quick as I could but it took me a while to get his underwear over his big fat dick. I couldn't wait to get my lips wrapped around it. Yeah, this was going to be a fun night!

I could see it in everybody’s eyes, this about to turn into a full on orgy in no time at all. I just continued to suck off Jake while I watched Paige riding Chase’s thick piece of meat. I looked to my right where Hunter and Pete were sitting. I just knew they were about to start fucking like a couple of wild animals too, but not before Hunter dropped to her knees to suck his dick first.

Everyone in the room started moving closer to the bed. Clothes continued coming off and I just kept sucking cock. My new friend Anna grabbed her husband Bruce and started sucking his cock but it wasn't long before Joy jumped in to get a piece too. Aren't they a beautiful pair of cock suckers?

Anna and Joy couldn’t get enough of Bruce’s hard cock, I think they were trying to get to the cream filling the way they were devouring that thing. Actually, I don't think any of the girls could get enough cock that night, as you can see Jorden was busy swallowing a nice thick one too. There certainly wasn't any shortage of dick to go around either. The room was definitely getting very hot. Everyone in the room was getting a piece of the action and I couldn't wait any longer to be fucked.

I begged for one of the guys to fill my pussy with a nice thick cock and my guy was first to get to it. He was more than happy to throw me down on the bed as he proceeded to give my pussy the pounding it so desperately needed. The next thing I knew one of the guys walks up to the edge of the bed with his dick hanging just inches from my face. Well, you better believe I grabbed a hold of that monster and started blowing this stud. Wow, here I am smack in the middle of an orgy getting fucked by Jake while I'm sucking off this guy I hadn't even seen until he walked up and put his dick in front of my face. What more could a horny little nympho like me ask for? So much was going on all around me, everywhere I looked someone had a cock in their mouth, pussy, or ass. When I glanced to my left Joy was bent over the bed about to be fucked by Anna's husband but Jorden saw his cock and asked Joy if she could give him a quick blow job first. Joy said sure and went off and found herself another boy toy while she waited for Jorden to finish up with him.

Jake flipped me over so I could ride his cock. I was moaning so loud as his cock slipped deeper and deeper into my pussy. My juices began running down his cock and over his balls. At this very moment everyone was fucking and the screams and moans alone were enough to get anyone off.

Jake decided it was his turn to be on top again and he flipped me over and threw me up against the headboard right next to Jorden who was being fucked good and hard by Bruce. He could have fucked me all night long with that big fucking dick of his. I think our little orgy must have lasted several hours and Jake and I were among the final few to last till the very end. We almost even outlasted everyone who had been taking pictures and video, but we defin.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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