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~kisses, Allie.


I had a really incredible time making this movie for you guys. I have to say I think this is definitely one of my better solo videos. I swear my pussy was throbbing for a couple of hours after I finished myself off. I just love it when I can spend the rest of the day walking around still feeling that tingling sensation deep inside me. I think it's because I was slamming that dildo into my tight little cunt so fucking hard as I fantasized about being a real schoolgirl and seducing one of my old teachers from high school.

I was.....about the biggest prude you’d ever want to meet when I was in high school but oddly enough I had this crazy crush on my history teacher, Mr. Perkins. I was constantly having the most sexually perverse fantasies about fucking him. I wasn’t a tease or anything like that I was just your typical prude that really had no interest in sex at that time in my life, but for some reason there was something about him that got me all hot and bothered. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was gorgeous and he’d occasionally where pants that showed he was really packing.

Anyway, I constantly had this one fantasy where he asked me to stay late after school one day to talk about a grade on my most recent test. When I arrived in his classroom we were all alone and he told me I only got a B on my test and he had expected much better than that from me. On top of that I really couldn’t afford to get a B on any test, my parents would have killed me. So I coyly asked, “Ummm, is there any way I could get my grade adjusted to an A? I mean like some sort of extra credit or something like that, if you know what I mean?” As I asked the question I was in the process of unbuttoning my blouse fully exposing my lacey 34D bra that was actually too small for my huge tits.

Let me tell you, in my fantasy we went from zero to sixty in under four seconds because he immediately had me up on his desk. He had pulled my panties down and they were still hanging off one of my shoes as he lifted my skirt and began to plow my tight little pussy with his huge fucking dick! When I first saw it, I thought there was no way it would fit inside me but I was so fucking wet that it only took a little force to stretch my tight little hole to accept it’s full girth and length. When he was about to pull out I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him back into me and literally begged, “Please cum inside me!, Please, I want to feel you explode inside my pussy!” Of course he did! In my fantasy not only did I have my cherry popped by my history teacher but I also had my grade adjusted from a B to an A.

Anyway as I was getting dressed for this video and the entire time I was shooting it I just kept running that fantasy over and over again inside my head. By the way, Mr. Perkins, if you happen to be reading this I’m still game to fulfill this fantasy if you are. Just shoot me an e-mail and I promis.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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