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~kisses, Allie.


Jake and I met Seska and her husband James by the pool at our hotel in Florida this past summer. After a few drinks and some very stimulating conversation we decided to make a date for the following day. Well, let's just say that our little date ended in a wild threesome with Seska. Luckily, James volunteered to record the three of us fucking the afternoon away (Thank You, James). I think you'll especially enjoy the end of this three-way fuck session where Jake shoots his load all over my ass and pussy. His cum runs down my crack and.....straight into Seska's waiting mouth. She eagerly swallows every last drop as it flows from between my legs! Damn, I got so fucking horny getting this update ready for you guys that I had to take a little break to get myself off before I could finish. Well I hope you enjoy this threesome as much as I did! Drop me a note in my journal and let me know what you think of our encounter with Seska.

When we first got back to the room Seska and I shared a little girl time together while the boys watched. We were having a lot of fun playing with each other but something seemed to be missing. Cock, yup that's what was missing! We were both in desperate need of a stiff prick for our fuck holes! Since James had already volunteered as the official photographer for the day we grabbed a hold of Jake and proceeded to get him undressed as quickly as we could. As we were stripping him out of his clothes he made a smart assed comment saying, "what do you think I am, a piece of meat or something?"

Neither of us replied to his quip, we just went straight to work sucking him off as if he had said nothing at all. I think our silence left him with the understanding that he would indeed be "a piece of meat" for Seska and I that day. We began alternating between his cock and his balls. One of us would give him head while the other gave his ball sack a good tongue massage and then we would switch it up.

Seska had just finished deep throating Jake all the way to the base of his shaft when she looked up at me, handed me his cock and said, "I love Jake's cock but I've gotta have some more of your pussy now!" She slid behind me and started lapping at my already dripping cunt like a real champ. Wow, I love being in the middle! There's nothing like having a mouth full of dick while a hottie like Seska pleasures your pussy!

I guess Seska decided that it was time for her pussy to be serviced because she moved from behind me and mounted Jake's face. He grabbed her by the ass and started sliding her pussy back and forth across his face. Believe it or not but Jake actually loves eating pussy more than I do and he's very good at it! Seska had barely planted her cunt on my husband's face and she was already screaming at the top of her lungs that she was cumming. Jake just kept on eating as Seska's juices ran down the side of his cheeks. She rolled off his face and collapsed on the bed next to us as she recovered from one hell of an orgasm. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Jake's empty mouth and talented tongue. It didn't take Seska long to get back in the game as she began to eagerly service Jake's manhood.

Seska was really working him over good with her mouth when I decided to join her. Once again Jake had his cock buried down one woman's throat while another sucks his balls. Yes, Jake is truly one lucky S.O.B. and he knows it too. Just then Jake, lifted my pussy from his face and said, "If you ladies plan on getting fucked this afternoon you better stop sucking my cock because I'm about ready to blow my load." I laughed out loud when Seska said, "Oh no you don't. You better not even thing about cumming until after you've fucked me good and hard."

Seska was busy warning Jake not to cum before she even realized that I had already gotten up on all fours and presented my wide open pussy to my husband. "Damn, Allie you beat me to it, just make sure you don't let him cum before I get my turn!" She had barely completed her sentence before she ended up with a mouthful of Jake's sack again! He was sliding his cock in and out of my wet hole while Seska continued sucking his balls. Jake has told me that having his balls sucked while he's got his cock deep inside a soaking wet pussy has got to be the most incredible sensation a man could ever feel. If you've never tried this before, Jake highly recommends it!

Jake was slamming my cunt like there was no tomorrow when he all of the sudden he pulled his dick from my hole and said, "Oh fuck I just about came inside you!" That was all it took for Seska to slide out from under his balls and spread her legs, as she said, "I told you that you better not cum before you fuck me." She reached up and grabbed Jake by the back of the neck, pulling him toward her. She let out a gasp as his cock penetrated her for the first time! I sat back for a moment and watched as my husband fucked her senseless. I was jolted from my voyeuristic gaze when Seska grabbed me by the hips and guided my pussy over her face. Damn, this girl really has a very talented tongue!

Jake continued to pound away at Seska's fuck hole while I rode her face. It was so arousing to look deep into my husband's lustful eyes as he stuffed his cock inside another woman. I think Seska's favorite position just may be doggy style. As Jake was pounding away, she managed to stop eating me out just long enough to say, "Roll me over and take me from behind. I want you to fuck me doggy style while I eat your wife's pussy!"

Jake did as she asked, he flipped her over onto her knees and with one swift stroke he thrust himself deep inside her. He began fucking her deeper and harder with each and every stroke. He was slamming her hole so hard that it became impossible for her to continue eating my pussy. Seska began to scream again, just like she had earlier when she came all over Jake's face. I looked at her and it was obvious that she was in the middle of another orgasm, "Do you like having my husband fucking you like that? Does his cock feel good inside your tight cunt?" "Uh huh, I like it!", she whimpered as she started squealing that she was cumming. I began to urge Jake on, "Come on baby fuck her harder, you're making her cum. Yeah baby slam her pussy really good, make her cum all over your cock!"

Now that Seska had been completely satisfied (twice that afternoon), I told Jake that it was my turn to get off and that I wanted it doggy style too. The three of us repositioned ourselves so that Jake could fuck me from behind while Seska went to work on his balls, AGAIN! Yeah, I know what a lucky fucker. I knew it wouldn't take me long to get off because we'd been going at it for more than two hours now and I was really worked up by this point. Jake knows how to get me in just the right position so that the head of his cock rubs against my g-spot with each stroke. And he was hitting it perfectly that day. Within just a couple minutes he had me cumming over and over again.

My body was writhing and shuddering uncontrollably as Jake pulled out of my hole and began spewing his seed all over my ass. He just kept cumming, spurt after spurt after spurt. I was still climaxing when he finally finished shooting his load. My orgasm was intensified by his warm goo running down my crack and into Seska's eagerly awaiting mouth. When it finally stopped dripping into her mouth she began to lick me clean until there was nothing left.

Seska did one hell of a job cleaning up both my pussy and Jake's cock. What a finale! Have you ever seen an anal creampie, pussy creampie, and a facial all from one huge cumshot? Jake definitely gets an A+ for his aim on that one. We really had a great time playing with Seska that afternoon and we can't wait to meet up with her agai.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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