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Jake and I were at a swinger get together not too long ago where we met Maryanne and her hubby Joel. Maryanne and I had just finished having a little girl fun when Jake and Joel decided to join us and turn up the heat a little.

We asked one of the guys at the party if he wouldn't mind recording all the action (remember this is a swinger party) so that I could share this hot group sex session with all the members of my web site. When we first got started we pretty much had the entire room all to ourselves but after a while.....people were walking in and out trying to sneak a quick peek. A few of the spectators were even caught spying on us in some of these pics. Well, it wasn't very long into our little orgy that quite a crowd of voyeurs had assembled to enjoy our exhibitionist display.

I was actually hoping a couple of the guys watching would offer their services and feed Maryanne and I a couple of cocks while we were getting fucked by Jake and Joel. As you can see, our boys sure as hell didn't waste anytime stripping down to their birthday suits and wagging their pricks in our faces as if to say, "go ahead and get to work ladies". Well, of course Maryanne and I were already horny as hell from our little playtime together so we went down on them without hesitation.

As I knelt there sucking off Jake, I glanced over at Maryanne to see her mouth bobbing up and down on Joel's cock like a real champ. I guess you could say we both pretty much had our mouths stuffed full of dick. Our eyes met briefly and immediately I knew what was going through her head because I was having the same thoughts myself. Without saying a word we both released the man meat from our mouths and switched places so that we could each suck off the others husband. I always get so fucking excited when I get to wrap my lips around a new cock.

As much as I was enjoying sliding Joel's thick shaft in and out of my mouth I couldn't wait to have him bury that thing deep inside my pussy. I could taste Joel's salty precum, mmmmmmm leaking from his fuck pole and I knew if I continued sucking him off much longer he would shoot his load in my mouth and my pussy would be left unfulfilled. My cunt was already soaking wet and I could feel it starting to throb at the thought of fucking this man I barely met an hour ago.

I sat up for a moment and gave Maryanne a long deep kiss. As our lips parted I looked her in the eye and asked if I could have the pleasure of fucking her husband. She laughed and said, "Why not, you've already had his dick in your mouth. You may as well put it in your pussy too. Actually, I'd love to see that, especially if I get to watch you fucking him while I do your hubby." You should have seen the guys grinning from ear to ear, they both knew they were about to get some fresh meat and they couldn't wait to dive in!

Now that I had Maryanne's approval to fuck her husband I leaned over the couch and presented my soaking wet snatch to him. I looked over my shoulder at him and asked, "what are you waiting for, don't you want to slide your thick cock in to my tight little cunt?" That was all the encouragement he needed as he grabbed me by the hips and with one violent thrust he slammed his fuck pole deep into my eagerly awaiting hole. He just started pumping away, slamming me harder and harder with each and every stroke. This sexy Latino was fucking me so hard and so deep that I was beginning to get rug burns on my knees.

I jumped up on the couch and spread my legs as wide as I possibly could so that Joel could penetrate my pussy to the max. That's exactly what he did too, I could feel his cock bottoming out inside me each time he slammed his hips into my pelvic bone. I knew we were lined up on each other perfectly because I could feel the head of his prick rubbing my G-spot with each and every stroke of his hips. I was in my own little world enjoying all the incredible sensations of being fucked by my new Latin lover when I realized that about a dozen people from the party had assembled in the room to watch our little sexcapade.

Wow, what a rush to have all those people just standing around watching the four of us going at it like a bunch of sex crazed animals. It really heightened the whole experience having all those people standing there watching us. Jake picked Maryanne up off the couch and laid her out on the floor in front of me. He grabbed her by the ankles and spread her legs wide while he pumped her fuck hole like crazy. I think our guys were in some sort of competition to see who could fuck the others wife the hardest because Maryanne and I were both taking one hell of a pussy pounding from these two studs.

Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better Joel began furiously pumping my pussy as he squeezed my titties and pulled at my nipples. This sent me over the fucking edge! I could feel my own juices being forced from my sticky hole by Joel's fat cock as I began to cum. I started thrusting my hips back into him even harder than he was pumping me. My orgasm began to intensify and I arched my back and started screaming aloud, "fuck yes, don't stop pounding my pussy. I'm cumming, oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming. Fuck me harder Joel, fuck me like a little slut. That's it, slam my fucking cunt."

I really get crazy when I'm cumming and my dirty talking, or shall I say dirty screaming, must have gotten the boys all fired-up too. My orgasm had barely subsided as I heard Jake exclaiming that he was about to cum. When I looked over I saw Maryanne sucking his cock like a fucking hoover vacuum cleaner and I could tell by the expression on his face that he was definitely cumming. That lovely Latina didn't miss a beat, she just continued blowing him as she swallowed every last drop of his sweet load. Almost simultaneously, Joel pulled out of my pussy and began spewing his seed all over my belly.

It happened so fast that I didn't even have a chance tell him to shoot it all over my face and in my mouth (that's where I really like to take it). No problem, I just scooped it all up with my fingers and licked them clean until I was sure I had gotten it all. I've gotta say that was really one hell of a fucking foursome! Maryanne and Joel were incredible a.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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