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Let me start out by saying this has to be one of the hottest fucking foursomes I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in! Jake and I hooked up with this hot couple from Southern California that we had met on-line just a few weeks earlier. As you can see, Staci and Ira obviously spend a lot of time at the gym because they both have some incredibly tight bodies. Our first encounter started out with Ira and Jake taking photos and video of Staci and I playing together. That being said it wasn’t long before both of us decided we needed.....some cock so we pulled Jake into bed with us and began to pillage his dick.

At first Ira just kept filming the three of us going at it until he just couldn’t hold out any longer and joined us in bed. With all this fucking going on we still needed someone to run the camera so we just kept passing it around and before it was all over we had each taken a turn on the camera while the other three went at it every which way.

Oh, let me just say that Ira has the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever had stuffed inside my tight little fuck hole. As he began to enter me for the first time I honestly thought he was going to split my cunt in half. At first it was a mixture of slight pain but at the same time it was so incredibly pleasurable. It didn’t take long at all for my pussy to stretch wide open to fully accommodate Ira’s magnificent fuck tool. I wouldn’t even want to guess how many times I came all over his cock but each and every orgasm was more intense than the previous one.

Like I said, this one goes down in my book as one of my favorite foursomes. I hope you guys enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Jake and I can’t wait to get together with Staci and Ira again really soon. We’re already planning another hook-up with them so keep .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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