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One of my members wrote to me asking if I would fulfill a request of his that involved having two guys shooting their cum all over my face and in my mouth. My pussy started to moisten almost immediately as I read through his request. After all, being fucked by two guys at once is one of my favorite sexual acts. There's really nothing quite like being serviced by two well-hung studs. All I needed to do was find the two guys that would administer my gooey facial and someone to run the video camera.

I had no problem finding.....someone to run the camera and it was Jake’s job to find me another cock for our little threesome party. We were staying at a hotel in Vegas where we have some swinger friends that we’re lucky enough to hook-up with from time to time. Jake had arranged for one of them to meet us at our hotel. I had just finished my workout at the hotel gym and when I returned to the room Jake was gone. A few minutes later there was a knock and it was my camera gal, as she was setting up her camera Jake returned to the room along with Jon.

It had been quite some time since we’d last seen Jon but he was looking fine as ever and I already knew he had a huge dick so you can imagine what I was thinking. The boys got right down to business and proceeded to strip me out of my clothes pretty much immediately. Within 5 minutes of Jake and Jon entering the room I had Jon’s dick in my mouth while Jake was pounding away at my pussy with a vengeance. Then they swapped and Jon stuffed his huge dick balls deep into my eagerly awaiting cunt while Jake fucked my face. I could taste my own juices mixed with Jake’s precum and I began coming over and over again as Jon relentlessly fucked me from behind.

After quite some time and numerous orgasms for me it was now time for the boys to get off. I laid on my back while the two of them positioned their selves right over my face on opposite sides. They proceeded to jerk off all over my face and their timing was impeccable as they both began coming at exactly the same time. And I do mean exactly at the same time! I was getting plastered from the left and the right sides simultaneously. Having both of them coming on my face at the exact same time actually gave me another orgasm and I wasn’t even touching myself at the time. Ladies, if you ever have a chance to get a sticky double facial I highly recomm.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, Jon, NaughtyAllie



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