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I was running some errands around town the other day when I saw these two buff looking guys jogging shirtless on a bike path along side the road. I started getting horny as hell fantasizing about pulling over and letting these two studs have their way with me. At the time I was only a couple of minutes from Jake's office so I dropped in on him for a surprise visit. I walked into his office and locked the door behind me. I told Jake that I needed it really bad. I dropped to my knees and started to unbuckle his belt as he protested that.....he’d get into some serious trouble if his boss walked in.

I was so fucking horny already that I didn’t really give a shit if a marching band came through the place. I really needed to have a dick inside me and I needed it bad. I pleaded for just a quick blowjob knowing that once I had my lips around his dick and made him good and hard he wouldn’t be able to resist sliding it into my soaking wet pussy. And that’s exactly what ended up happening. I blew him for about five minutes before I stood up, pulled up my skirt, straddled his dick and sat down on it until he was balls deep inside me. I bounced up and down on his magnificent fuck tool until I came three separate times then I actually started to get excited about the possibility of his boss catching us. I even started fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck Jake and his boss right there in his office!

After about ten more minutes of fucking in various positions Jake got concerned I was being too loud and pulled out of my pussy. He sat down in his office chair and I kneeled down in front of him and began sucking his dick knowing the treat that he had in store for me. Of course he didn’t disappoint and shot load after load after load all over my face, hair, and in my mouth. I think when I watched this video I counted a total of eight spurts of hot sticky man juice plastering my face. I got cleaned up as quickly as I could, left the office, and went.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie



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