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Jake and I got together with yet another sexy nympho for an incredible evening of hardcore fucking and sucking. It seems like Jake has been getting more than his fair share of MFF threesomes lately. I mean what more could a guy ask for than to be serviced by two girls at once, and if you’re gonna say three girls at once the lucky son of a bitch has also experienced having three women all to himself on more than one occasion. Not that I’m complaining because I also enjoy MFF threesomes just as much as I enjoy MMF threesomes, it just.....depends on what I’m in the mood for that particular day.

When we got together with my girlfriend Michelle on this night I was totally down for a hot and steamy MFF threesome and of course you already know Jake was game. I really do get off on watching Jake fucking other women, there’s just something about watching my man with another woman that gets me so aroused. We started out by teasing his cock with our mouths until we couldn’t stand the craving to feel him inside us any longer. I was the first to mount his cock as he was lying on his back and Michelle didn’t miss out on the opportunity to sit on his face. We both rode him like this for a while before Michelle asked if she could take a turn riding Jake’s fuckpole. As soon as I had climbed off of his dick Michelle jumped right on and started riding him like there was no tomorrow.

We mixed it up quite a bit trying out a number of positions before we were all just about worn out from all the action. Jake was fucking me missionary style while Michelle was sucking on my titties. That’s when he pulled out and Michelle went straight for his cock with her mouth wide open. I barely had time to get turned around before Jake started shooting spurt after spurt into Michelle’s mouth and all over her face and shoulders. Luckily for me Michelle didn’t swallow all of it which left some for a little snowball.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, Michelle Lay, NaughtyAllie



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