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~kisses, Allie.


Hey guys, Jake here. This video is a bit of a departure from what Allie usually puts up on the site since she’s not even in it and she’s asked me to write a description of the video for everyone. Being the generous wife and friend that she is, Allie is constantly volunteering my "services" to her sexy girlfriends. Hey, I'm certainly not complaining that's for sure. Anyway, Allie thought you may be interested in seeing this video where she's loaned me out to a swinger couple we know.

Celeste wanted to get her man and another guy at the same time. Well, of course when Allie heard about this she couldn't resist offering me up for the evening. Especially considering that Celeste’s Jake and I had recently fucked Allie together so it was only fair that Celeste got her turn at being pleasured by two guys at once too. Celeste is a sexy redhead with a smoking hot bod and one hell of a sexual appetite. She took on the two of us like a real champ! We started getting frisky on the couch with Celeste bent over the arm of the couch while she blew Jake and I plowed her pussy from behind.

After a while we moved the action to the bed and switched things up a bit. She was on her back while I fucked her missionary style and her Jake fed Celeste his cock. It was so hard not to come the minute I put my dick inside her as she kept squeezing my cock with her pussy to the point that I almost couldn’t hold back. Finally, I just couldn’t take it any longer and I had to bust a nut. I pulled out of Celeste’s tight pussy and blew my load so hard and so far that most of it ended up splattered all over the headboard. What was left ended up on Celeste’s stomach, tits, and face. I really had a great time fucking Celeste and you can bet she has a stan.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Celeste Fox, Jake Chase, Jake Fox



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