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~kisses, Allie.


This video is for all you voyeurs out there. One of my members requested a movie of me showering. Jason was very specific about what he was hoping to see. He asked me to shoot this video from a perspective that would have the viewer feeling they were actually standing there peeping over the shower stall door as I showered. I got very aroused doing this video because I really felt as if I were being watched and that’s a huge fucking turn-on for me. I’m really just a hardcore exhibitionist at heart and I genuinely get off on knowing.....others are watching and enjoying my little escapades. I was so horny that I actually got a little naughty during my shower. That wasn't part of Jason's request but I don't think he'll mind that I took matters into my own hands, quite literally.

As I was standing there washing up I began thinking about Jason and all the other people that would be watching me in the shower and I have to tell you my pussy began to get soaking wet, and it wasn’t from the shower either. I started to fantasize about Jason sitting there stroking his big fucking dick while he watched me showering. Then my mind started racing about all the cocks that would be stroked watching this video. I began to imagine myself down on my knees while cock after cock, one right after another, began exploding all over my face until I was completely drenched in the cum of thousands of total strangers.

I was so deep into this fantasy that I didn’t even realize I was touching myself until I was already halfway into it. I finished myself off with my fingers and had an insane orgasm as I imagined the water from the shower hitting me wasn’t actually water at all, instead it was semen being spewed all over my hair, face, and body from thousands of rock hard dicks. I know, I’ve got to have the filthiest mind ever and I love it. I just can’t wait to fulfill my next member request as it really does bring me an incred.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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