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This video is another member request fulfilled! Marc wrote me a couple days ago saying that he had sort of a fetish for girls masturbating while taking a bubble bath. He asked if I could do a video where I fucked myself senseless in the bathtub using a giant dildo. Well, fuck that was easy enough since I get myself off four or five times a day anyway. Plus, it gave me a good excuse to take a nice long bath and get myself off several more times than usual.

I selected one of my thicker pink plastic dildos with a suction cup on.....the bottom so that I could stick it to the tub and ride it like a cowgirl. I really love this particular dildo because it stretches my tight little pussy to the max and it feels so good when I slide down the entire length of its shaft until I have it buried balls deep inside me. I got off several times bouncing up and down on the plastic dick and in the process really got a good thigh and ass workout. Luckily the water was still nice and hot when I finished fucking my toy, so I just turned on the jacuzzi jets and aimed them at my ass and thighs to get a little bit of massage action going on.

It was really nice to spend a little extra time in the tub rejuvenating my sore muscles so I’d be ready for round two with Jake later that evening. Between masturbating several times earlier in the day, making this video in the tub, and fucking Jake later that evening I must have gotten off at least a dozen times that day. I’m gonna set a small personal goal for myself and try to go an entire month of getting off at least twelve times a day. I really don’t think it’ll be much of a challenge but it sure as hell will be a lot of fun. I hope you all en.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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