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Wow! Talk about getting a facial. Today was laundry day and I was in the process of hanging up some clothes when Jake popped into the closet looking for a little action. He gives me his famous line, "Hey baby I'm horny as hell today. Could I get a quick blow job?" Yeah, that's the same line I hear from him just about every day of the week, at least once a day. Lucky for him, I love sucking cock so much that I’m usually down on my knees pulling his pants off before he even finishes asking.

The pleasure is two-fold.....for me. First, I really enjoy kneeling in front of a man and sucking him off. Second, I truly love the taste of cum. In fact, I love everything about cum. Not only do I love the taste but I also love the texture, the smell, and everything else about it! So, it's a win-win situation! He get’s his dick sucked anytime he wants and I get a mouthful of cum anytime I want. And luckily for me, my supply of cum is not limited to that of my husband. Thankfully he’s perfectly fine with me sucking and fucking other guys so I never have a shortage of that sticky man juice that I’m constantly craving!

I especially like sucking off multiple guys at one time and having them all cum in my mouth. I just find it so erotic to kneel down in front of several guys all with their cocks hanging inches from my face before I start taking them into my mouth one at a time, occasionally two at a time. After working them over with my mouth I’m always rewarded with multiple loads of cum being spewed into my wide-open mouth. I always end up sucking them dry even after they’ve already cum just to be sure nothing goes to waste! Mmmm, now I’ve gotta go find Jak.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie



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