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I'm sure everyone has seen the video I posted a while back where I met one of my members at a local hotel and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening getting my pussy slammed by his huge fucking cock! Well, after several hours and numerous orgasms Jake finally got to take his turn with me. As if I didn’t already have enough fun and orgasms fucking Stu now I was going to get even more dick! Wow, this was definitely my lucky night! The video itself isn't very long because Jake had a hell of a time holding back his load after spending.....more than two hours watching Stu fuck me good and hard.

Once Stu had finished having his way with me Jake handed over the camera. He then stripped out of his clothes and jumped right into the bed with me where Stu and I had been getting it on for several hours. After sucking him off for less than a minute he was rock hard and ready to fuck. I mounted him reverse cowgirl style and began bouncing up and down on his cock. Between the two hours of fucking Stu and the few minutes of riding Jake my thigh muscles were on fire and I just couldn’t continue in that position any longer. That’s when Jake flipped me over, pushed my legs back to my shoulders and began plowing me missionary style.

Lucky for me Jake did all the work from that point on. I just laid there on my back with my legs in the air enjoying each and every stroke of his cock going in and out of my well used pussy as I came several more times. It wasn’t long before Jake pulled out and began to plaster my tits and face with a hugely powerful load that actually shot all the way across the bed and hit the wall. I’ve never seen anyone shoot with the velocity and volume of Jake but I have to tell you it is really a huge turn on. Oh yeah, before I forget, a special note of thanks to Stu for sticking around and tak.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie



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