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I swear I’m such a slut! It’s pretty bad when you totally forget about some of your sexual adventures from the past until you’re reminded when you see the photos or videos a year later. I’ve done this a couple of times in the last few months while searching through my box of video and photo discs looking for some good stuff to add to my site.

Earlier in the week I was feeling extremely horny so I asked Jake to take some pics of me fucking one of my favorite toys. I figured I could get off and get some photos for at the same time. I had grabbed my favorite dildo and was ready to fuck myself senseless when I realized I had completely drained the batteries during my last masturbation session.

I ran down to my office and was searching my desk drawer for some fresh batteries when I saw a CD with the words “Another Use For A Dining Room Table” written on it. I couldn’t remember what was on the disc so I popped it into my computer. As soon as it loaded up it brought back vivid memories of that afternoon spent with Julie!

I instantly felt my pussy moisten as I recalled the way we had licked each other to numerous orgasms that day. I slid the dildo into my cunt with my left hand as I watched our naughty escapades on my computer. I worked it in and out, faster and faster and I was right in the middle of cumming all over my chair when I heard Jake calling me from upstairs, “Hey, I’ve got the camera. Did you want me to take some pics for you?” I yelled up at him, “Ummm, no that’s ok I think I found some really great stuff to add to the site this week!”

I hope you this get together I had with my girlfriend and I want to say a huge thanks to Julie for an inc.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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