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Jake really got me good on this one! A few nights ago he decided to make a secret sex tape without bothering to tell me. I should have known he was up to something when he went upstairs to get ready for bed before I did. Anyway, I was just finishing up some e-mail when Jake paged me from the bedroom to see if I was coming to bed anytime soon. When I went upstairs I found him lying on the bed with a room full of candles and music playing. What I didn't know was that he had also hidden a video camera which was recording everything. It’s it’s my first “sex tape” by any means but normally I know when there’s a camera recording the action however in this case I had absolutely no idea we were making a video.

When I walked into the room and saw all the candles and heard the music playing I knew I was about to get lucky. I instantly felt my pussy tingle and begin to moisten in anticipation of what was about to come next. We both stripped naked and went straight to the 69 position, one of my favorites. I just love having a mouth full of cock while my pussy is being eaten. Then Jake got me up on my hands and knees and proceeded to fuck me doggy style while slapping my ass and pulling my hair! His cock felt so fucking good sliding in and out of my pussy. Eventually he flipped me over onto my back with my legs spread wide open as he fucked me good and hard missionary style.

Several orgasms into our little fuck session I could tell Jake was about to cum and I was right. The moment he pulled out I spun around and opened my mouth as wide as possible so that I wouldn’t miss a single drop of his sweet sticky load. Unfortunately, about half of it still ended up all over my face rather than in my mouth where I really wanted it. Once we were done Jake said, “Guess what, we made a video.” When I said, “What do you mean?” he pointed toward a shirt sitting on top of his dresser. When I took a closer look I could see the lens of a camera strategically hidden under the shirt. When I got closer to inspect his little hidden camera set-up you can see my face is still all covered in jizz. I told him we weren’t posting this to the site but then figured why the hell not! Hope you guys enjoy this on.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie



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