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The first time we ever met Nicolette and Jake the action got hot and heavy really fast. Oh yeah, before I cause too much confusion here I guess I should clarify that Nicolette's husband is also named Jake. Trust me ladies, you really need to be careful when you have two guys named Jake running around your house naked or you just may end up getting more than you expected!

Imagine yelling down the hall, "Jake get in here and fuck me right now!" and you end up getting two Jake's instead of only one. It's.....definitely not a problem, just something to keep in mind before calling out for "Jake." Anyway, our good friends Anna and Bruce introduced us to this hot couple.

Shortly after they arrived at our house a six-way fuck fest ensued. The wives took turns with the hubbys until each of us had fucked all three of the guys. It was incredible, not only did I get to fuck three different men that night, I also had the pleasure of seeing my husband with two other women!

Oops, I am going off on a tangent again. So, the six of us fucked away several hours before finally taking a short recovery break. That's when Anna, Nicolette and I decide we'd challenge Jake to take on the three of us all by himself. Of course he didn't hesitate to take us up on our little dare.

Oh yeah, that was Nicolette's Jake I was referring to, sorry. See I told you this was going to be confusing. Anyway, we made it our goal to wear his ass out, when we finished with him he would be done fucking for the night. Anna was the first to wrap her sweet lips around Jake's thick prick.

Once she was done sucking him off she generously passed his cock to me so I could have a turn. I eagerly slid his dick into my mouth and as you can see it's pretty fucking big! My pussy was still aching from being stretched to the limit from the fucking he had given me earlier in the evening.

Actually it was more of a yearning than an aching, I just couldn't wait to have him inside me again! I continued sucking him off until I was rewarded with a few precious drops of his tasty pre-cum before finally sharing him with Nicolette. I mean she gets to have it anytime she wants, right?

The cock sucking was just a little warm-up to get everyone ready for the main act. Jake lined us up and fucked the living hell out of us one-by-one. You name the position and I guarantee at least one of us were fucked that way, doggy style, missionary, reverse cowgirl, etc. We did it all that night!

I want to say thanks to our friends Anna and Bruce for introducing us to this new dynamic duo. I'm quite sure we'll have numerous encounters (which means numerous orgasms) with this sexy couple! I hope you all enjoyed th.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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