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~kisses, Allie.


Remember when I posted in my journal a couple months back about meeting Raven Riley out at a club one night? This fine ass 19-year-old vixen is about the coolest chick I've ever met. We hung out and danced and talked for hours but at the end of the night we each went our separate ways.

Unfortunately for me, at the time of our first meeting Raven had never been with another girl. However, she was very curious about what it was like and hinted that she wanted to try it one day but she wasn't quite ready that night. We've touch on-line over the last couple of months.

During our correspondence Raven asked a lot of questions about what it was like to be with another woman. One day a couple weeks ago she told me about how she "messed around" with one of her girlfriends one night. She described it as one of her most erotic experiences ever.

She said it was so fucking incredible that she couldn't wait for her next encounter with a woman so that she could take things a bit further. Too bad Raven lives halfway across the country or else I would have ran over to her place and immediately satisfied her desire to "take things a bit further".

She told me she couldn't wait to get together the next time we saw each other and of course I responded by telling her that the feeling was definitely mutual. I've had numerous fantasies about the day I would finally get into this little hottie's panties. It makes me so wet just thinking about it.

A couple weeks ago I was chatting with her and realized we were both going to be in Miami during the same time period so we started making plans to hook-up. The initial plan was to meet for some drinks and see where things went from there. This was starting to look like a fun trip!

So we met at this really cool club and we had a really great time. I told you about that little encounter with Raven in my journal too. It was a really late night and we were both exhausted from all the traveling so we decided to get together the following day for dinner and a little "dessert"!

Dinner itself was kinda like foreplay in a way. We did a lot of teasing and flirting throughout the evening. At one point I flipped a shoe off and proceeded to run my toes along Raven's inner thighs. You should have seen the look on her face, she kept scanning the restaurant to see if anyone realized what was going on under the table.

I was beginning to get a little too naughty for a public place and I was so glad we had decided to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. That way we'd only have a short elevator ride to my room where I planned to take full advantage of the situation. We had just finished our meals when the waiter came over and asked us if we'd be having any dessert.

I said yes and as he began to tell us what was on the menu, I stopped him in mid sentence and said, "Actually, I think we'll be having dessert in my room." He responded by asking if we'd like to take a menu with us and order from the room. Raven giggled and said, "Thank you, but I don't think you have what we're looking for on that dessert menu."

It must have been the way she said it that made our waiter realize what we were up to. I've never seen anyone blush the way he did. I swear his entire head instantly turned tomato red as he stood there fumbling for words before finally spitting out, "Well then I'll be right back with your check."

As soon as he left the table Raven let out with her cute little giggle once again and said, "I'm definitely ready to get outta here. I think it's time we head upstairs and have a little fun!" Once the waiter returned we paid our check as quickly as we could and headed straight up to my room.

The doors on the elevator had barely even closed when Raven leaned into me and gently pushed me back against the mirrored wall as she proceeded to plant one hell of a kiss on my lips. I reached down between her thighs and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as we continued our lip embrace until we had reached my floor and the doors on the elevator opened.

Wow, I can't begin to tell you how long I had been waiting for that! As we stepped off the elevator to head down the hall toward my room I realized that we had been so into each other during the ride up that if the doors had opened on another floor neither of us would have probably even noticed.

As we approached my room the anticipation of what was going to take place behind that door was so overwhelming that I began to feel warm all over. I reached into my purse and felt for the room key and quickly slid it through the door lock. Once we had entered the room and the door closed behind us I turned to Raven and said, "Well here we are, I guess this is where the fun really begins!"

"You know it girl, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Let's not waste any more time talking about it. Let's do it!" Raven dropped her purse right there in the entry way and we walked hand in hand over to the living room where we didn't waste anytime relieving ourselves of the burden of our clothes.

We kissed and caressed each other as we stripped out of our clothing piece by piece. It didn't take long at all before we were both laying there on the couch totally naked. The feeling of Raven's warm flesh pressed against mine was so fucking arousing that I swear I almost could have orgasm'd from that single sensation alone.

Now add to it the feeling of the heat emanating from her groin and I've gotta tell you that I almost came right then and there without the benefit of any manual stimulation. I reached down and parted her legs as I slid my hand up her thigh until I reached her already soaking wet pussy.

Her moisture down below told me that Raven was just as excited about this get together as I was. I began playing with her clit as she let out with, "Ohhhhhhh, Allie that feels so nice!" I was thinking to myself, "you haven't seen anything yet girlfriend!" That's about the time that I went down on her!

Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah! I love eating pussy almost as much as I love sucking cock! I worked that girl over with my tongue until she just couldn't take it any longer. She grabbed me by the back of my head and started screaming, "Oh my god Allie, I'm cumming. I'm cumming right now!"

I glanced up at her as her hips continued to writhe beneath my tongue and the look on her face was that of pure ecstasy. She looked down at me and said, "That was definitely well worth the wait! Now it's finally my turn to take care of you!" That sounded like a really good plan to me!

Although Raven didn't know it at the time, I had come to this date fully prepared. I leaned over and reached into my purse and came out with my favorite glass dildo. I actually carry it in my purse everywhere I go so that I can get myself off anytime I feel the urge (which is really quite often).

I handed the glass cock to Raven and said, "Fuck my pussy good!" She snatched it right up as she purred, "Mmmmmm, this is going to be fun!" She slid the toy into my cunt without hesitation and started fucking me like crazy. I couldn't believe this was her first time fucking a woman with a dildo!

"Ohhhhh yes that's it Raven. Fuck me faster, harder, faster, harder! Oh yeah baby that's perfect! I'm cummmmming, oh fuck yeah I'm cumming! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I took the dildo from her and licked it clean as she proceeded to lap up every last drop of warm sticky cum from between my thighs!

We embraced and locked lips in a kiss that must have lasted at least 10 minutes. My encounter with Raven will go down in my book as one of my hottest girl on girl experiences. I only hope that I have another opportu.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

NaughtyAllie, Raven Riley



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