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Talk about one hell of a fucking good time! Our friends Anna and Bruce recently introduced us to another hot swinger couple, Nicolette and Jake. Yes, her hubby's name is also Jake, kinda strange huh? Well, the six of us really hit it off and the next thing I knew we all headed upstairs to the bedroom where things heated up rather quickly! You may have caught this little get together live on my bedroom voyeur cam the night it all happened however if you missed it I'm sure you'll love this hot orgy video.

I think six people.....having sex together in a king-sized bed is the absolute perfect number. It’s not too crowded that you can’t find a place to get it on comfortably while at the same time everyone is close enough so that there’s constant body contact with multiple people! You can literally reach out and touch five other naked bodies in various places. Talk about “swapping”, all three guys had their cocks in all three of the girls at one point or another before it was all over. As you probably already know, I really love being fucked by multiple men all at the same time. Maybe it’s the societal taboo aspect that really gets me going or maybe it’s purely physical, or perhaps it’s a combination of the two but all I know for sure is there’s nothing more arousing for me than taking on multiple cocks at once!

Anyway, as you’ll see there was a whole lot of fucking and sucking going on here. Aside from having multiple guys at once I also love watching my hubby fucking other women while I’m being fucked at the same time. Things wrapped up when Jake was fucking Anna and he finished up by shooting his load mostly on her face but he also somehow managed another one of his famous “headboard shots.” I licked Anna’s face clean of every single drop of Jake’s jizz being sure not to let a single drop go to waste. I really hope we have an opportu.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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