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We took a trip out to visit my girlfriend Julie last month and while there she and Jake got more than just a little naughty together. Julie's hubby and I ran to the store to grab a few items we needed for dinner that night. When we left the house Jake and Julie were both in the living room watching TV but upon our return we found the two of them in the bedroom about to get it on. While most wives would have been irate upon walking in on their husband about to fuck their girlfriend I just grabbed the video camera and played with my pussy.....while I watched the two of them getting it on.

When I first walked into the bedroom Jake had his shirt off, Julie was wearing nothing but jeans and a bra, and they were making out. They invited me to join them in bed but I had a better idea. I just grabbed the camera off the tripod and told them I was going to be their director. That being said, they sure as hell didn’t need direction of any kind so I was really more of a “camera girl” than I was a “director”. I was getting so fucking hot and wet just watching the two of them going at it. I have to tell you, it was really hard for me to resist the overwhelming urge to toss the camera aside and join in on the action. I think I deserve a gold star for sticking with my role as camera girl because I really wanted to get a piece of both of them so badly.

The moment Julie climbed up and mounted Jake’s cock I literally got weak in the knees. Just watching his cock disappear balls deep into her soaking wet fuck hole nearly gave me an orgasm, and I wasn’t even touching myself at that particular point. I continued running the camera as the two of them went at it every which way like a couple of wild animals. I’ve seen Jake fuck plenty of other women before but there was something especially erotic about having “caught” them in the act and then running the camera as they continued their escapades. When Jake finally pulled out of Julie’s pussy he shot a load so powerful that it actually ricocheted off her forehead and hit the wall behind the bed. I think I may start playing the role of camera girl more often and just video Jake fucking my g.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

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