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My girlfriend's husband has many talents! Aside from fucking me to multiple orgasms with his huge cock he also gives an incredible massage. I told Jon about how I had pulled a muscle in my lower back at the gym the other day and he offered to give me a massage. Being the little slut that I am I responded by saying, "Why don't you just give my pussy a massage with your dick? I'm sure I'll forget all about the pulled muscle once you start fucking me!" He said, “Why don’t we just start out with a full body massage focused on your.....lower back and go from there?”

Well, I definitely got a full body massage with a focus on something, but it certainly wasn’t my lower back. Jon seemed to be focused more on my pussy than he was on my back. I’m not complaining, in fact I’m glad he dedicated more time to my pussy than he did to my back. All the attention he was giving my soaking wet fuck hole made me completely forget about my back anyway. He got me so fucking horned up that I turned over onto my side so that I could access the zipper on his shorts. I unleashed his big fat dick and immediately took him into my mouth. As I was sucking him off he finger fucked me to a massive orgasm and you better believe I wasn’t thinking about my back as my entire body shuddered in pure pleasure.

Before I knew it I was flat on my back on his massage table as he slowly slid his big dick deep inside me. Now I was finally getting the “pussy massage” I wanted in the first place! We fucked in every position imaginable for close to an hour. At one point I was face down, ass up on the table as Jon pounded my pussy from behind. Each and every stroke was hitting my g-spot and pushing me closer and closer to orgasm and I came twice in that position alone. Altogether Jon got me off at least a half-a-dozen times before pulling out and shooting his load all over my stomach and chest. Talk about a massage with a “Happy Ending!” I’m .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jon, NaughtyAllie



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